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Revell Kenworth K-100 Flat top

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G'day fellas,

Its been quite some time since I've been active on the forum. I've had a spell from modelling and lost all motivation. I bought this as a kickstarter back into it, and I'm glad to be back at the bench. I don't have many pictures of progress at all as I haven't been taking any, and I will take better pictures soon. I'm doing this Kenworth box stock, not really having any aftermarket parts at my disposal just yet. 

I must say, I looked through the forum just before and some of the projects and finished builds on here are amazing. Good work guys!

i do have a question for you all however. I have some humbrol "smoke" weathering powder. I also have some tamiya extra strong mark fit. Could I use the two as a wash of sorts to highlight some details? I saw on the humbrol YouTube channel that they do something similar with humbrol decalfix, so I don't really see ththe difference? 

Anyway, here's a picture for now, better ones will come later on. Cheers.



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I've been slowly working away at this and have come up with a ready to go chassis. I've modified the airline holder from the kit part to have a hoop on it to hold the airlines neatly. With the tanks, I used some weathering powder from humbrol and mixed it with tamiya mark fit. Once applied and allowed to dry, a quick clear coat seals it in. I'm aiming for a used but very well looked after truck. 

Im after suggestions on how to proceed forward with the cab. I've played around and it doesn't seem like I'll be able to fit the floor pan in with the headlight sections fitted, so I'm unsure as to wether I should paint and fit the interior and attempt to mask the open areas (doors are going to be completed seperatly) or if I should paint the cab and then fit the interior, not being able to then fit inside to complete any necessary touch ups. Thoughts boys?


cheers guys.




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I built the kw wrecker using the kw cab, the interior tub will fit with the headlight section ( cab corners ) installed. It's tight.  I  angled up the rear by bunk then slowly pinch the interior sides around the step "humps" it'll click in place. I left off the grill so I had finger room . 

Looks like a fun project so far


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