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Another 1950 Chevrolet, I can't seem to stop more photos after the salt and paint

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Well here I go again, This will be # 4 in the books. I trying to get a way to set it on rubber nice, and getting the wheels centered in the fender Wells. Another thing I noticed on these Kit's are higher than normal ride height out of the box, plus the dog dish hub caps seem to stick out more than normal, what I have done is sand them thinner to the point where they almost slip in the rim opening, anyway, I'm having a lot of fun with these trucks, thanks, Perry




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Nice work so far,  I tried something similar with the same kit some 13 years ago but I never got it lovered enough in the back so it has a rake to it. I swapped the six for a v8 from amt 55 chevy.

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Well here's the paint with salt Tamiya XF-18 medium blue... Just painted it out in my driveway, managed to spill it on the concrete and my new sandals and right foot, but I'm happy with the results. This is number Four for me with the salt, This is really lots of fun, Geez, 6  months ago I never heard of this forum, Dr Cranky,or kosher salt, I guess it just keeps getting better, Dosent it????





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I'm wordering why every part, inside and out is painted and being weathered exactly the same? Nothing that rusts or otherwise oxidizes does so in the exact same way or in the exact same color of rust. Interior door panels are usually not the same color as the exterior and don't rust. There really is more to weathering than paint and salt. 

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Your doing good work Perry, keep it up. As for your truck having rust on the inside, your right to do it. I know for a fact on these old Chevys they get rusty inside & out. I've been helping my father work on his 1:1 51 Chevy & it's rusty everywhere, the gaskets get old & let water in. If you want to add some depth to your rust use a little darker brown washes on some parts or get some "tamiya weathering master powder". That's what I use & it works great. Anyway, keep at it & HAVE FUN, that's what it's all about.

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