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Hi everyone, I helped my buddy's son Gavin, who is 9 years old build this kit. I wanted to show him the basics such as parts cleanup and glue work etc. No wet sanding and the like but just the basics. He's proud of it and I think it looks pretty darn cool! He liked it so much he's already decided on a 65 Chevy pickup as his next project, and that was the goal!! A few fit issues with this but it got together pretty well! Thanks for looking ?IMG_1847.thumb.JPG.d9fabdf60400a9f5028b10b7b4b84174.JPGIMG_1848.thumb.JPG.2d27eb4170299e69fc0b2e84afd596cc.JPGIMG_1849.thumb.JPG.bffd8121f6331245a76f0c12ac4b4bc9.JPGIMG_1850.thumb.JPG.02ca0f3171e7bf25b6702b46aa3058ec.JPGIMG_1851.thumb.JPG.1fc003068e3c0df2fcbfa5838c3d6f4c.JPGIMG_1852.thumb.JPG.1d7bcd09ce1f991a89625902ea38a974.JPGIMG_1853.thumb.JPG.350819bbd7e066c9e8d4767e82078ea6.JPG

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