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Thank you Alan for the links....... I've actually seen the build on shipsofscale, but there's no way I could do such a fantastic job as it's builder. This won't be a replica of any certain ship, just a generic Pirate ship.....

and Happy GrandPa'ness, BTW!

If anyone has any ideas where to get rigging instructions, I'm all ears......

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On 12/9/2018 at 3:07 PM, bisc63 said:

Clean building technique + TASTEFUL color scheme = IMPRESSIVE DISPLAY!

Got details on those particular red and green colors?

Hey, friend! Thanks, and here's the colors I am using, just a couple Apple Barrel acrylics....


Got the gun covers and channels done on the other side....


Thanks for lookin' in!


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Got the rails done on one side, and started on the bowsprit.......




The part numbers for the rails are wrong in the instructions........ They swapped one side for the other...

Question, what material are the ratlines made of? Are they steel cable?

Thanks for following along.........!

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Ships like this are tough, you are doing a great job. I have a H.M.S. Beagle (The ship that Darwin sailed on and where he started on the theory of Natural Selection) but I gave up on it not too long ago. I may have to get it back out and finish it.

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26 minutes ago, rssschris said:

Any update on this?


I still have the ship, but I started having some difficulty when trying to attach the ratlines..... it's stashed away at the moment, but it might would be a good idea to give it another go soon..

Thanks for the interest, man...

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I just dry-brushed a darker "wood" color over a lighter one using a broad flat stiff bristle brush......

I brought this back out this evening to see how much was left to do. It's about 3/4 complete... I was having trouble with trying to bend the lower parts of the ratlines into the sides of the hull. I've decided that I could just clip those off, the average person looking at it would never notice.... I may try to do some more on it..

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I've gotten back on this project, thanks to you guys! The final mast is left.... I started trying out the ratlines to see how they were going to work out. That's where I started to have some trouble. I had to sand the grooves in the channels and remove a very faint mold line on the ratlines where they go into the grooves, so that I could fit them without forcing them into place. The part that you bend into the hull was proving too difficult, so I just trimmed them off......



Anyway, I'm glad I figured out what compromise was needed so I can move on with this......

Thanks for looking

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Wonder if the rigging lines would be close to the Jolly Roger kit. It has some instructions on the rigging. I read somewhere that a guy should only work in 1/2 hr blocks, to keep from getting burnt out on the rigging. I also picked up the Jolly Roger kit, if you need some rigging ideas.

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Thanks for the offer, Chris.... and thanks for following this build! I've already decided not to do the rigging, tho...... I do however want to tie off the sails so they aren't just hanging free.

That brings up a question... where do I tie off the sails? I'll be putting thread thru the lower extreme corner of them. They don't just get tied to the yard below them, do they?


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