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Star Wars - Anakin's Jedi Starfighter

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Revell Germany has produced some nice Star Wars Episode 3 models but unfortunately (or fortunately) five of the six are pre-painted snap together kits.
The biggest drawback of the pre-paintedness of the kit is the Anakin figure.
Otherwise an okay, if very, very soft, vinyl figure, the pre-painting is horrible, the face has that horrible, pop-eyed look... :P
The instructions are an 8 page booklet with a cover page, notes page, parts breakdown page and then 5 pages of 17 assembly steps, the drawings are clear and parts are well called out.
The kit also features several operating parts - the S-Foils and the canopy. I know these can be frowned upon as toy-like but I like the fact that the model can be posed.
One need not play with their models… much, but it’s nice to change the display from time to time as it sits on your shelf.
On a final note, one serious drawback with the kit (but of course minor on the great scheme of modeling) is a lack of both landing gear and a display stand.

So I built the kit (with glue  ;) ) and made some blackwash to highlight Detail and carved a simple base from a PVC plate and added a thick inox wire, now I can move the fighter into almost any position.
Hope you like it...
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Good work! Looks well used, and I really like the detailing on the R2 unit. I can't understand why model companies are so slack in their standards for figures. (Tamiya and DML military excused)  Otherwise exactly detailed kits are dragged down by bad-toylike, substandard figures! Most all the major kit makers were/are guilty of it. ( Revell 58 T-bird w. "Elvira", AMT Tie Fighter w. ""melting-Vader-on-the-toilet",  the list goes on...

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Great job!  I've always wanted to build a few Star Wars kits, but with all of the other projects I have, it's hard to justify the purchase.

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