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72 charger


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this was one of 2 chargers built ups  i bought i paid 50 each for them  i was told this was a original mpc 72 charger that the seller had built in 1972 and had hand painted the car so the paint was super thick  when i got it i poped the chrome and glass and chassie and interior pan from the body  and stripped the paint from it and when i did i noticed that this was much more modern and not a 72 charger it was a amt/ertl 71 charger body  the inner wheel wells that were molded to the body were also cut away and the doors  modified to look  like a 72
the hood, interior pan, dash and chassis  was from from a 74 charger  like the other 74 charger rebuilder i posted the other day  i decided to see if i could find instrutions for the original 72 charger online i found i repository for model kit instructions  and noticed that the original 72 had taillights like the 71 same with the hood   like a 71   i also knoticed the seats that were not glued down in the car were molded in  yellow  and a little to big to fit in the the car when sat upright they had to be from a 1/24th scale mopar of  some sort i ended up sanding them down both the top  and bottom  and sides so they fit better once glued in and the interior pan placed back in the body  














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