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66 Nova - Old Build


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Considering its age (built 1995 ???) it's still presentable; however while taking photo's one of the headers did come loose, however reattachment will require additional disassembly and will wait. I'll also make a few other updates and changes at that time too.

I know...I know...yes...those are yellow thread ignition wires! All other hoses/plumbing are just some scrap materials too.

Other things inc.: trunk (opened), dash/gauges, suspension (lowered), windows (cut/tint) YellowShoebox_Front3-4View.jpg.8d4d8263e6e67d6641135fa20312b86b.jpgYellowShoebox_Engine.jpg.8098b922576aca680954feb3a2a47d8c.jpgYellowShoebox_Engine2.jpg.fbeb99433402989629a0e618d535ac3e.jpgYellowShoebox_Underside.jpg.189f41bd38d8d9748074e2350e35cb84.jpgYellowShoebox_Trunk.jpg.37d60691362713b074233cfc2808e4a9.jpgYellowShoebox_PassSide.jpg.6795c55c99691d37232c7628c77b021d.jpg

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Thanks for the comments! The encouragement helps!
Steve, that is this exact kit (with a few mods).
I have a bunch of old completed builds I need to go through (once I get through the Vannonball Run) I'll have more time to dedicate to revive them.

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