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AMT 66' Nova Pro Street


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Me and my building  buddy Tazzy started on the AMT Nova.Ive already painted the chassis,suspension and interior trees.Black and silver underpinnings with white interior pieces.

But instead of the metal flake blue exterior,I'm thinking hugger orange with the white interior will look pretty sexy.




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Neat little motor.Little more detail after a day to dry.

I don't get too  wild with engine wiring and such.My aging eyes ain't up for that!



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4 minutes ago, heyjohnxx said:

Nice modeling buddy. I had one much like him that was the gentlest cat I have ever seen. I miss Doofus.

Tazzy has a Jeckyl and Hyde disposition.Little mean *@?$ one minute and a gentle giant the next.Hes only a year and a half.Just a pup LOL!!!

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Wonderful work thus far ! 

Best of luck with the change from blue metallic to orange (though the white interior seems to have taken well over the blue plastic)

Here's my "Bratty Brit" ; his name is Oliver Sabastian , and he's 17 years (but still acts like a kitten in many respects) .

Keep up the fun work !


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Thanks for the kind words all!

More progress on the Nova,got the front and rear running gear on and detailed.

Got the interior pretty much done too.1972coronet has me second guessing the orange body color.I do have metal flake blue that I could use.But man orange would look BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH good.







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14 hours ago, slusher said:

Really nice progress. I built many models on the living room tables.

You boys better not get paint all over the table!!!

That was mom yelling at my brother and I back in the day.

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