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Sorry that it's been awhile since I've been here, but since I moved into an apartment complex I lost my entire workarea and a lot of my tools and paints. Now I'm stocking up on a few models so I can prep for my next build (when I can set up my workshop again!!!), and I invested on the Moebius Models LIS Jupiter 2 kit as an alternative to car building. The kit alone was close to $100, and the only official lighting kit that goes with it is between $175 ~ $350, and I am NOT PAYING for that! Out of the various light strips on the market right now, is there a strip that has these qualities:

1: Variable speed rotation

2: One-color lighting (white or blue, not cyclic rainbow patterns)

3: Length adjustment by cutting the proper length of strip as needed

4: Under or around $50

5: Non-complex wiring (preferrably plug-in outlet and not battery powered) that can work with fiber optics or other LED internal wiring simply

I know there has to be someone here that has worked with these strips before, and can readily point me to a good alternative. I would invest in scale figures and other odds/ends, but some of those are even more outrageous. I will get the decals, paint template patterns, and possibly the metal displays for the data wall and terminals, as those I can justify for detail. Any ideas?

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Pegasus Hobbies has the Lighting Kit in stock for $150. So does CultTVman. Snag one up fast because you won't find MOE 2097 at this price often. You will not achieve anywhere near the same lighting effects using LED strips as you would with the dedicated lighting kit. The TenaControls LED Sequencer with Top Dome Rotating Board costs almost as much as the Moebius Lighting Kit; but, that's only for the fusion core and dome lighting. You'd have to add the interior lighting yourself.

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