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  1. Ric, I'm going to be honest about what I see. It looks like you used a Sawz-All to cut that door open. Finesse is the key. Forget about using X-Acto saw blades or the back side of a #11 blade to open doors and trunks. Neither is precise enough. Get yourself some dedicated scribing blades such as these HQT Tools Stainless Scribers. They are extremely thin and have a narrow kerf which allows for precision removal of plastic from around the doors. The result will be a nice, clean and even gap. It's a $7 investment which will save you more in the long run.
  2. Various aftermarket companies, like Aber, make photoetch 1/35 scale hinges which can be adapted to 1/24-1/25. Take a look HERE.
  3. The problem with people decorating their workspaces is that many have the misguided belief that the office/cubicle is an actual physical extension of their home. It isn't. It's where you are supposed to perform the work you are being paid to do. It isn't supposed to be a display area for toys or other junk. One of the customer service reps at the Con Edison office in Downtown Brooklyn had so many models cluttering up his area that his space looked like a friggin' thrift shop and it was impossible to conduct business there. After numerous complaints from customers and coworkers, he was told to
  4. When did you ever see a bus with either? Exact fare, please.
  5. I guess this wasn't the info you were looking for.
  6. The 1960 Desoto was a unibody. Use the Lindberg/AMT 1964 Mopar chassis, engine compartment and suspension parts. The wheelbase for those kits is supposed to be 118.5" but measure out to 119 scale inches/119 mm. The '60 Desoto had a 122' wheelbase but the Lindberg chassis work and the wheels line up center of the wells without any chassis hacking required. If you check ebay, Model Car Mountain and others usually offer the interior, chassis and suspension trees for around seven bucks. Also, the Lindberg interior tub and panels can be used to place the Johan tub inside so everything lines up and
  7. No different than the '60s, '70s, '80s, '90s and '00s.
  8. I archive all of my photos and important documents on CD/DVD. I don't have to worry if ephemeral storage systems like clouds or computer drives go POOF! Them disks are pretty much permanent and forever, Photobucket and other hosting services ain't.
  9. This was my next door neighbor's wife's younger brother. The older brother is still hospitalized from knife wounds sustained in the attack. They have no relation to me other than being neighbors.
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