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  1. I'm not trying to bust chops. I'm only stating the facts. The spoon test isn't an accurate method because the styrene formulation used to manufacture spoons is different from what individual kit manufacturers use to produce their models. You'd obtain more reliable results by spraying either on the parts tree from a specific model kit. Then, there's the question of durability. As has been pointed out, neither product can withstand any handling without scratching or blemishing the finish. GSW is alcohol-based and Vallejo is a water-based acrylic, nether of which is particularly durable. Also, neither can be clearcoated without a discernible loss in shine and reflectivity. BTW, the Vallejo Model Air dries to a flat finish and doesn't possess a mirror-like finish or NMF shine to begin with. Check the web for reviews. If anyone expects a chrome paint which has a durable finish with shiny and mirror-like reflectivity, you ain't gonna get it from a $4.00 bottle. You only get what you pay for; and, with GSW & Vallejo, you get what you get. No more, no less. I've been lit up for mentioning a certain chrome paint containing actual metal particles and can be handled without damaging the finish; so, I won't do it here unless somebody specifically asks me to name it.
  2. Stynylrez is self-leveling, dries completely rock hard and absolutely smooth. No need for sanding. If you find it too thick for your taste, thin it with a small amount of 70% isopropyl alcohol.
  3. So, you're the guy who snagged the AMX PE set on fleabay. I was about to pull the trigger on it but it was gone.
  4. One can just as easily cut four pieces of 1mm styrene sheet 30mm high and cement the ends to form a box large enough to slip the bottle in. The four bottom corners will prevent the bottle from tipping over.
  5. For the same amount you spend on 7-10 spray cans, you can get this: Airbrush Air Compressor w/ 3L Tank & 6' Hose with free shipping. I have one and it's an excellent compressor. I recommend the G233 Pro Set Master Gravity Airbrush Kit 3 Fluid Tips Air Hose, Hobby Auto Art It's a great airbrush for the price. Also with free shipping.
  6. If you would consider using an airbrush, being that it's more economical and allows for better and more precise coverage than a spray can, I'd recommend Badger Stynylrez acrylic primers. The white primer is excellent. Opaque coverage achieved in two light coats and it dries smooth and rock hard.
  7. Not a hood; but, ORIGINAL 1/25 JOHAN 1969 SC/RAMBLER HOOD SCOOP W/AIR CLEANER GC-2500 Hood from same vendor. ORIGINAL 1/25 JOHAN 1969 SC/RAMBLER HOOD GC-2500 If you don't get either or both, that's on you.
  8. Really nice build, Keith. However, It's not a new tool. It's a rebox of the Lindberg kit released in 1998.
  9. The '53 Ford Victoria was originally released by Lindberg in 1998, not by Johan.
  10. Nope. Toy Fair to remain in NYC after facing backlash for planned New Orleans move
  11. There's no way to dye black rubber after it's been produced. Simple Materials Science 101. Get some yellow Plasti Dip and coat the boots. It adheres to rubber.
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