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I wonder if any resin casters would consider creating and casting this

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I've noticed that most of the street rod /street machine kits offer some kind of aftermarket open-element air cleaner, yet to the best of my knowledge, none come with any kind of base plate that the filter sits on.  You might think it's a small detail, but it makes the build look amateurish to real car guys, kind of along the lines of the magic floating alternator with no support bracket.

As for the part itself, it just needs to have the outside edges that the filter sits on/in to look authentic, since most people don't make these assemblies removable.  


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Sometimes when I cast stuff for myself, I'll go back and make a short pour into my mold or molds to effectively create a base.  Some scrubbing of residual filter element is always necessary, although it's less work than sanding off the entire filter from a clone to mate to the bottom.  If I was ordering parts from a resin firm and was insistent upon having the base detail, I'd first inspect any photo afforded to determine if a certain ledge was in evidence along the bottom, and if not, I'd just order two examples trusting I'd have to do  it myself.  Oh, and while tedious to handle and work up, sometimes I'll reach for a stencil set and trace a pattern onto sheet plastic to create little wafers suitable for use as headlamp fill panels, which just as well might serve as air cleaner bases trusting the shape is round.  Good luck...

Mike K./Swede70

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Or.... You could use a circle template... Just match up the diameter of the air cleaner lid with the right hole on the template... Find the center and scribe out the diameter from the .010" sheet stock... Piece of cake!... ??

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 I make two different styles of base plates. Mine are attached to the element otherwise yeah would only need an outer ring to fake the look. I don't advertise on this forum but action-modeler has stuff other casters don't.



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