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Z-7 Debonder question

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Recently picked up a model that was partially assembled but never painted and I would like to disassemble it. Two methods that I've read about on this forum is: 1- The use of Z-7 Debonder and 2- Placing the model in the freezer. I purchased Z-7 Debonder on E-Bay and was rather surprised that it is the consistency of a gel and not a thin liquid that you would expect to get into the cracks and crevices necessary to attack the glue. Could it be possible that the product I received is out dated? Not sure if there is a shelf life for this. I also question the fact that one seller offered the product for $6.00 (US) and another for $12.00. In both cases the product number and size was the same (PT-16). Next is the freezer method. I've read to dip the model in water, seal in a plastic bag prior to placing in the freezer. Also, freezing the model without water and/or a plastic bag. Either case, I would assume over night would be a sufficient amount of time. I would appreciate your thoughts and advice.

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Z-7 only works on bonds made with cyanoacrylate adhesives, CA "super glue".

It has zero effect on bonds made with typical solvent glues.

Some poorly assembled models, or those built with "non-toxic" glues, are very easy to simply pry apart.

Others will require very careful cutting and wedging using a variety of knives and modelers saws, while paying close attention to where the seams are to minimize damage.

You'll find that some parts are so heavily glued that it's impossible to separate them.

The "freezer" method works on solvent bonds (when it works), but also embrittles the plastic surrounding the bonded area, so damage can easily result if sufficient care isn't exercised.

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