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1:18 1970 AMC Javelin - Mark Donohue


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In a search, I am only able to find references to the 1971 AMC Javelin driven by Mark Donohue.  That certainly makes sense as it was the winning vehicle of the 1971 year in Trans-Am.  However, I am looking to see if a 1:18 1970 AMC Javelin, ideally modeled after the Penske-Donohue effort, even exists.  I have looked for street versions all the way through race versions and nothing seems to exist for 1970.


Here are some images:  https://canepa.com/museum/1970-amc-javelin-trans-am/


Ultimately, the exterior differences between 1970 and 1971 are that the hood has a 'power bulge' and intakes and the paint scheme and livery are completely different with the entire front half of the roof being painted blue as opposed to 1971 which had the center striping and A-pillar accents.  I am trying to collect as many of the 1970 Trans-Am cars as is practicable for a faux starting grid.  I am not adverse to custom work but even in that style I am unable to locate anything.


Guidance or advice from members would be greatly appreciated



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I googled diecast 1/18 Javelin and was unable to find ANY pre-71 Javelin of any kind. 

For my own interest I also tried 1/24 scale and the closest I came was an ERTL '69 AMX which is often mislabeled as a Javelin. I have one of those and while the overall shape isn't bad, it can't be built into an accurate model of even a stock AMX. 

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2 hours ago, afx said:

swede70 would be the man to ask.

I agree.  @swede70 has done some amazing projects related to the AMC Javelin and other Trans-Am vehicles.  He will certainly be an invaluable resource if the project is able to occur.  For those unaware, below are some of Mike/Swede's projects related to AMC




All said, unfortunately, his 1970 find and refrubishment is a resin antique that would not fit my needs and the other is a true-to-life modification of a diecast 1971 model. 


I certainly hope a 1:18 1970 AMC Javelin exists, but given that AMC no longer exists and the Javelin model never really was popular in the consumer market, it seems like a long shot that one was ever created to any reasonable quality standard...


...but hope remains

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Greetings and thanks for the kind notice...

No '68-'70 1:18th scale diecast or resin cast American Motors Javelins exists to date, nor or any in the developmental pipeline to the best of my knowledge.  I suspect 1:43rd Spark SCCA Trans-Am releases and demand for the same influence what might be availed to the public as 1:18th Replicarz releases, although no indication is given that anything is strictly afoot.  A Replicarz 1:18th '70 Chaparral Camaro has been announced, although it could be a year or more before we see such.  

That the '70 styling facelift was but a one-year offering, and further, that only the Fyr Fyter fire extinguisher-sponsored/Ted Roberts-driven independent entry is all that could be done besides the '70 Penske cars, this would limit how costs for such an effort might be amortized.  The NASCAR GT efforts run in '70 would likely be judged too obscure to model, hence blunting hopes in that direction.  I suspect we'll see Replicarz stock releases based upon the '71 shell they've done for their SCCA Trans-Am release, although given the rather bulbous flares needed on the '70 racer, I doubt any firm would be tempted to sell a stock release based upon something obviously modified to accommodate racing rubber.  

Unless someone thoroughly scratch built all that might be required off of an ERTL 1:18 '68-'69 AMX base, much more time will pass before anything so-themed will be afforded to the market.  It's possible that BoS/Best of Show will step up to the topic in sealed resin at some point, although I'd expect a stock release from them if they so chose. Here's hoping someone or some firm will have pity on us!


Oh - and only if it matters, in period Jo-Han did the subject to death in 1:24th (so it's said) scale, with other years and other aftermarket options possible with certain application.  I half-wonder if the legacy of old Jo-Han releases has depressed interest amongst 1:18th scale firms to tackle the topic given the relative paucity of offerings availed thus far.  Reproduced below is a link to my sprawling Ronnie Kaplan Engineering '68-'69 Trans-Am Javelin thread, with passing reference to a Jo-Han based '70 Penske Javelin build also taking shape.

A little while back I picked up two Jimmy Flintstone flared '70 body shells (one for my '69 RKE/JRT project), hence another '70-season model will take form, likely as an early-season Peter Revson ride given no one would likely bother otherwise.  For Peter it was a grueling and decidedly unsatisfying experience, while now he'll be memorialized in scale by golly and by gum.   I just picked up a spare '70 bare interior shell and race (as in sans cast-in fuel tank and exhaust) chassis, hence it's percolating out of sight right at present.  

Mike K./Swede70 

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I am curious for your thoughts.  Given the immense similarities between the 1970 and the 1971 AMC Javelins, do you think it would be possible to simply modify the diecast hood, remove the interior CAIs, make an addition to the grill, and then do a repaint or do you believe it would be too labor intensive and/or not result in a realistic model.






Real 1970



Real 1971






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There are ENORMOUS differences between the '68-'70 Javelins and the '71-'74s. They might be the same under the skin but the skin is almost completely different. I'd be surprised if anything but (maybe) the trunk lid carried over to all years. 

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All the surface panel work less maybe the deck lid would be different, plus bumpers, grilles, etc., hence I myself wouldn't attempt it.  The ERTL 1:18th '68-'69 would be a better basis for such given the '70 styling updates weren't wholly transformative.  With a small assortment of junkyard ERTL AMX's, some experimentation could be done, although for careful disassembly and mulling of the qualities of the Replicarz '71-'72 Javelin/AMX release, I don't sense much utility of a mash of the former with the latter.  I rather extend and flesh out the missing length of the ERTL AMX than bother with the Replicarz effort in full truth.  

Maybe harboring a minority view, the Replicarz Javelins strike me as generally well-tooled, although deeply flattered for being dazzlingly finished; i.e. the surface gloss helps one overlook otherwise so-so aspects of most other aspects of the tool.  There is no raised chrome trim around the front and rear 'glass', surrounded as it is by photo-etched overlays, the 'glass' is just pliable clear sheet, while the chassis plate has little to recommend.  Even the wheels and tires are a slight cheat, given some fudging is in evidence for using different diameter wheels front and rear to emphasize an aggressive look that shouldn't have been worked up in such a fashion.  I'd thought for my money that I'd have a host of new assemblies to copy and spread across my other 1:18th scale Trans-Am builds, but in point of fact this hope just didn't materialize; i.e. I'm still clinging to my mostly GMP Trans-Am Camaro-sourced clones to flesh out my conversions.  

In sum, I'd just give the situation three or four more years, anticipating that Replicarz or TSM might take up the challenge given all the companies seem to be running out of intriguing topics to do.  Mark Donohue interest is strong, while as I write this a 1:18th sealed resin Technomodel '71 McLaren F1 Penske Racing Canadian GP release (third place) just hit the shelves consistent with expanding collections so-themed.  

Mike K./Swede 70  

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Apologies for the delayed response @Snake45 and @swede70


I appreciate the advice.  Given that I am not in a rush to complete the 1970 Trans-Am lineup (better to be correct than quick) I will wait in the hopes of an improved AMC and Pontiac lineup in the future.  I completely agree that the Replicarz version leaves a lot to be desired in terms of accuracy and quality, especially at the price point being asked.


Hope you both are well

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