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Need tire copies made, have master.

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I am at my end. I am really having trouble with making copies of a tire. I just do not have the equipment (or time) to get them right. I have a master tire that I would be willing to provide if someone else could make the mold and copies. Do you guys have any suggestions for anybody that would do something like this?


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Greg Wann at Holy Grail Resin Parts came to my mind. I've seen small lot/custom cast posts on the Holy Grail Facebook page.  Holy Grail Resin has a proboards site if you don't Facebook. 

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Posted (edited)
On 5/8/2021 at 3:25 PM, Greg Wann said:

I might be able to help you.  What material is your master tire made from?  Got pics?

Thanks guys!


Greg, here is the tire I am working with. It appears to be real rubber from an RC car. It is 1/16 scale. I used it in my `81 Trans Am build. I made a mold and cast a few tires myself, but I had to make a bunch to get 4 good ones and I ended up destroying the mold afterwards. :D 





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