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1965 Impala........C.1978

Painted Black

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23 hours ago, bisc63 said:

Would love to see this one finished! Great looking car and great looking model. Absolutely love the engraving on the interiors of these old kits. They had very believable textures to the various surfaces, especially the vinyl upholstery. Your clean detail work only emphasizes this fact. Nice work!


32 minutes ago, rightrudder said:

You're so right, Rusty. I am in absolute awe of the mold makers who did this stuff back in the 60s, long before the advent of CNC machining and other advanced techniques. I mean, to machine the tiny gauge markings in 1/25th scale, the ones I can't even paint neatly? Crazy!!

Cool build, Painted Black. I know how it is with a completed model sometimes...better to take it to the styrene chop shop and free up parts for a new build! So much of the fun is in the building process, and having a finished model is just icing on the cake.

Um, you guys do know this is the Revell kit from the '90s, not an original annual from '65, right? 

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5 hours ago, Can-Con said:

you guys do know this is the Revell kit from the '90s, not an original annual from '65, right? 

Ha! I see that now, I should have gone back a bit further and seen the separate panels being assembled! (Brain fart) Revell captured that old-school look right on with this one, but the '66 seemed a bit flat and shallow on it's vinyl seat textures compared to the '65. I do stand by my opinion of those older kits though, MPC was very good with interior surfaces, though the tubs tended to be a bit shallow, and they could be careless with ejection pin marks. Thanks for the heads-up, Can-Con!

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1 hour ago, Painted Black said:

I have plans to try and duplicate this build as soon as I can get another kit. Thanks for the comments and interest. 

I may have an extra. If you have something to trade you can PM me.

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