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How do I see my subscription?

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Xingu: Thanks for flagging this for the Admin. 

Admin: Thanks for looking into this for me. Looking forward to seeing the magazine.

I am an international subscriber from Japan, if that makes a difference. 
Postal code is 464 0850.

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Is it possible to switch the Magazine USPS to digital ? MY vision is disappearing > Individuals who have a poor supply of oxygen to their body many develop a number of symptoms that affect cognitive function. According to the Alaska Air Medical Escort Training Manual, individuals who are exposed to prolonged periods of low oxygen may exhibit poor coordination or judgment or may have difficulty completing simple tasks. Certain people who have a poor supply of oxygen to the body may experience a euphoric sensation, while other may appear agitated or aggressive. Visual symptoms, including diminished vision or tunnel vision, may occur if your body has a low supply of oxygen. If you develop any of these cognitive symptoms while in areas of low oxygen, seek emergency medical care. < Not intending to get Political . Facts are . I have lung Issues . Mask wearing is Terminal for me . I carry a Physician's Exemption on my Person . Through desperation I've changed my computer screen to white on black . RSVP    Thanx

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So I figured it out, sort of. I think.

You have to go to the Renew/Login page of from Subscriptions. 
Then enter your account number and postal code. 

Hope this helps other newbies who may have the same problem. 

Stay safe and Enjoy!

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On 11/27/2021 at 5:25 AM, conchan said:

Next question is: Is there a downloadable version so I can read the magazine without having to be connected to the Internet? 

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Stay safe and enjoy!

Not yet. We're actively working on it though. 

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