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63 Chevy II wagon


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Got the chassis together except for the exhaust and some touch up. 
The 3D printed front suspension turned into a nightmare, it needed a lot of modifications to get it to fit and is so brittle that I went through 2 sets and had to abandon the axle shafts as there was no way they were going to hold the car up without snapping off. I ended up just using the lower a-arms as decorations only. The rear springs were much better as to being so much thicker but I had a heck of a time painting them, the material didn’t sand well and the paint didn’t want to dry… anyone else have this experience? I even painted some styrene to see if it was the paint and it dried just fine. 
The gold color is just a base coat and I am planning on using a purple for the final color.

Thanks for looking, Dave. 






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Well, I’m calling this one finished. 
Got a few dimples in the paint (paint is my nemisis) and the bmf is a little rough in a few areas but I really enjoyed this build. 
Taking a curbside kit and adding the drivetrain was fun as well as cutting all the pre molded suspension out and adding new parts was a challenge especially the front end. 
As always, thanks for looking and the comments. 














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15 minutes ago, slusher said:

Really nice work where did you source the engine and side pipes. I enjoy your builds.

Thanks so much. 
The engine came from an MPC GTO kit that was terribly molded so I only used it for parts. The valve covers are from a 427 cobra kit… I know, it’s not correct but it’s what I had. The intake and carbs are resin and from a 1:24 Plymouth 340, again not correct but cool. I’m not sure what the side pipes are from but I think from either my Dodge Dart build or the Duster. 

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