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MPC Street Fever Corvette


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Hi Friends,

just a simple build here.  MPC Street Fever done up as a Vette customized with Joel Rosen Motion parts.  The engine is from a Motion 70 Camaro AMT.  The interior has red flocking.  The rolling stock consists of  MRC Cragar wheels with craft store “jewels” for center caps and more “jewels” were used for tail lights.  
The kit came with the option of using the rear window glass or a sort of louver panel.  I couldn’t decide which I preferred so I was able to use both by just leaving the louvered panel removable. However when it sits on top of the glass it doesn’t exactly lineup with the body the way it should but oh well.  I guess about the only other thing worth mentioning is that the hood scoop, such as it is, came from my parts box. I have no idea what it started out as but it probably was never meant to be used as a scoop!  I filed out the center of it’s top and glued in some screen.  This car came to me as a partial built up and was already painted.  Therefore I have no idea what brand of black paint was used but the fact that it was black enabled me to just paint my hood scoop and get it to match fairly decently! Lol.

. Anyhow guys I hope you enjoy and happy building! -Mark






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Thank you guys!  Plow boy I hope you can get one sometime.  The flip front end is a bit finicky as is the working front suspension.  That is why I just glued the whole suspension into place although if you take your time it really is not too difficult to assemble.  I just did not care enough to have mine poseable.  Also my front clip is removable as opposed to hinged mainly because I slammed the front end so low and the nose hit the table when opening .  -Mark

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