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Decal Softener / Solvent / Set

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Hey Kids

I apologize for perhaps a duplicate question, but. I'm running low on my decal softener (Gunze Mr Mark Softener) and will be in need of some shortly. I bought some Microset decal set recently, but it seems pretty mild. The Scale motorsports carbon fiber on my Enzo needs a lot of persuading.

I'm looking for a recommendation.

And where can I get it?

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If you got your MicroSet at the LHS they might also carry its companion product, MicroSol. MicroSol is definitely stronger and might work for you. I hear that it's not as strong as Solvaset but I haven't used that so I don't know.

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Micro Set and Micro Sol are intended to be used together; Microset under the decal, Micro Sol over it. Some decals need little help, so Micro Set is okay on it's own (smells like vinegar). Micro Sol helps to get decals to soften and conform. It can look scary when it's applied (wrinkling the decal), but the decal should shrink-to-fit as it cures. Further applications might be necessary to get the decals completely adhered. This system works pretty well, and you can speed the dry/cure by using a dehydrator and careful application of a hair dryer.

I've had some good experience w/Solvaset, but it's also damaged some decals. Be very careful with it the first time. Micro Set/Micro Sol seems to be milder.

Dale aka 935K3 swears by a method that also works most of the time for me, and that's to use a very hot/damp cloth to set the decal in place. If it's hot enough the heat/steam will do the same tricks to the decals as solvents. As always, test ahead of time to see what really works. In your case where you are in need of something ASAP/now, this might do the trick until you can get another supply of your preferred decal solvent.

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