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Hello everyone. As you see I decided to join this fourm because the "Other" site is getting a little boring, and kinda bland. (SIGH... Why do they have to make things so plain and dumb looking like everything else nowadays)

For all the builds I posted on the other fourm, check them out on my Photobucket page until I repost better pics of some of them on here:

My link

There's also one that says "F-Body Album" on the page, but I can't seem the link for that up, and the quality of the pics is not as good the rest of them on the mentioned link.

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Who's going to this years NNL East in April? It's a awesome show and you shouldn't miss out on it!! lotsa kits to buy and stuff to see! Been there two years so far and entered some stuff (didn't win, but the thrill is worth it!).

BTW, do you like my avatar? I'm have a soft spot for the underrated Nick show "Rocko's Modern Life" from the 90's (when things were funny and silly)... I hate the new teeny-bopper sewage they put on nowadays. I made the sig were heffer spilt red bottle paint all over rockos carpet (he was trying to hold 3 open bottles of them for butt excerise, LOL!!)

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Welcome, and I was actually going to say about your avatar :) I miss Rocko, I loved that show, I an I fully agree, they were good, funny and silly. New stuff is junk.

Catdog, Rocket Power, Doug, Hey Arnold....etc. :D

I really miss Invader Zim, but they are thinking of bringing it back if there is enough interest! 1991 baby here ;)

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Richard and I had a nice chat last night, and his builds are very good. Please join with me in giving him the warm welcome he deserves.

Charlie Larkin

Ah, Charlie my man! Nice to see 'ya again!! Thanks for the warm welcome everyone, it's nice to hear from you all!

Let's keep in touch bro!

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