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DON'S tow..Pete

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Back in the early 80's I built a little here and there and about the only thing I finished was the AMT Don's truck plaza Pete. did it in root beer brn& silver and if I recall it wasn't a build I'd claim today :rolleyes: anyway it's long gone and in '99 when I started building "seriously" ;) I picked up the AMT reissue and did this...pretty much OB with a few details added, hard to believe I did this about 12 yrs.ago, it was before I had the wonders of the internet for research.





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In Delaware,Ohio is a garage called North/South Towing on State Routes 36 and 37 near Interstate 71. Their tow trucks (heavy) are all yellow. This looks like it'd fit right in w/ those perfectly. This built of yours is quite inspiring. Currently I've been tinking w/ the Bill Sign's 359. I might paint the cab yellow seeing how well this turned out.

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I will be rebuilding one of these in the next couple of months. I finally am digging into my Dad's old rigs. Just finished a Jade Green Movin' On KW, A Candy Burgundy and Ivory White Transtar and a Paystar 5000. Oh and a Gray original KW snap. So what did you use for winch cable?

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