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Who else thinks that the Testor's Lacquers are out of scale?

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Well if the paint is out-of-scale, how about the thickness of it also? And how about the thickness of the plastic and the glass too? I thought that modeling was supposed to be creative and fun, but yet there are people who nitpik about EVERYTHING. What's next, the box art?

You're confusing nitpicking with perfectionism.

Looking for better ways to scale any aspect of a car down to 1:25th IS creative AND fun. Yes, paint is often too thick, sometimes the plastic and glass too. If I look for in-scale metal flakes, if I thin my paint or replace the glass with acetate, I'm being a perfectionist. I would be a nitpicker if I criticized YOUR model because you didn't do these things. There are plenty of perfectionists on this forum but only a few nitpickers.

(And I hate bad box art!)

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For the most part, they are out of scale, but some look better than others. Well, it's less pronounced on some colors than others- the darker colors seem to be the worst offenders as far as the metalflake appearing overscale. Using the 'Wet Look' clear seems to help tone down the metalflake to a degree.





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Well for the record, I love the new paints. I used to use enamels all the time and then one day I tried laquers.Now I am hooked and my paint jobs are getting better with each one.Flakes out of scale? Who cares as long as it's slick and shiney.The paints have really helped me. Here's an exampleSSPX0045.jpgSSPX0046.jpgSSPX0063.jpg

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Sorry I don't know how to add text after the pics.The dart was painted using this process.

1. plasticote white sandable primer

2. a light fogging of Testors one coat Lime Ice

3. a heavier fogging of color

4.a light wet coat gave it a 10 min flash time

5. a mid wet coat with same flash time

6. the final wet coat and did not touch it for a week

7.added decals and bare metal foil and waited another week

8.shot a light coat of the wetlook clear (same brand of paint) 10 min flash

9.shot the 2nd wet coat with 10 min flash

10. shot the last wet coat a little heavier and set aside for two weeks.

I do not own a polishing kit,so the finish you see is straight from the can.I'm pleased with the results.bigtim.

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