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Who else thinks that the Testor's Lacquers are out of scale?

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Flake paint jobs look great on 1/8th & up stuff but I've never seen one regardless of paint brand that looks scale (to me) on 1/25. I don't mean to upset anyone but if you blew the car up to full size it would look like spatter paint. Just my opinion.

You are right Don, I think these paints are good for the Low Rider type builders that like the big flakes on their models and are very similar to the 1/1 cars.
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I agree - the paint looks like a 70's bass boat. I used one of the dark metallic blues (DeJa Blue) on a Revell 2010 Mustang, and while I was pretty impressed by the whole process and the paint turned out better than just about anything I've done before, I can't get past the flakes. Yes, I did clear it. I'm not sure I will use the Testor's Lacquers again unless I can find them without flakes.

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Hi everyone Well I am not sure of this but you might want to check out this line of paint.

I got mine from here http://www.kustomrid...ncentrates.html

You may or may not know of them - I did a test on chrome paint last year and I tested Spaz Stix Chrome, alclad II, eastwoods liquid chrome, and Mirra Chrome and a few others. with my air brush.

There Mirra Chrome paint was the best I have ever seen this is the company http://www.alsacorp....ate=kustomrides

I will be trying there base system and clear soon.

They even have it in a rattle can,

Oh i now use the eastwood Chrome paint it cost less and get more for your money - for big events or customer builds I will go with the Killer Chrome!

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I've been experimenting with Alclad Polished Aluminium and Chrome lacquers. If sprayed over Tamiya white primer there is no polished or chrome effect but a finer metallic base then anything I've used before. I've tried Mr. Hobby and Tamiya clearcoats over this, plus Tamiya and Zero transparent (candy) colours and was pleased with the results.

This all happened with plastic spoons but I'm confident it will give a more in-scale metallic look on a model.

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Hey gang,

This is Mystic maroon one shot lacquer, the color is great (to me anyway) but when I bought the can, it was my first time with lacquers, and I did not know the flakes were in there, has stopped me from using more of the one shot cans, but I'm with Dave, once you discover lacquer it is hard to use anything else, covers great, dries smooth, fast and hard. Flakes jus give this a look that is hard to describe, although taking picture on sunny day really makes it look worse than it is.



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Not much left to say but, Ditto (to the whole thread). ;)

Seems everyone has pretty much the same opinion as I do. The flakes are too large to replicate most "normal" paint jobs in scale, but for custom Kustom stuff, they look great! Some are perfect for the Bass boats as stated above, and let's not forget those sweet old school motorcycle helmets!

There are some really, REALLY awesome looking colors out there. They cover and spray great right from the can and with the clear from the same line... I love 'em.

BTW,Dave, that Riv' is SICK looking! I love it!

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I also have a '69 Nova painted Testors Icy Blue and am happy with the way it came out? To each their own I guess?

I guess!?!? I did this Challenger with the Custom Lacquer Hemi Orange and didn't think the metallic in it looked bad at all.


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