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No, this is not about our fearless leader who also goes by the name of Big Kahuna.

This is about Doctor Cranky's impending new build, a "BIG TUB" Ford T, one of these gentle and beautiful giants.

I am very excited, and it's going to be called THE BIG KAHUNA because it's going to be a TIKI Rat Rod, perhaps with a mild shine to it.


Please stay tuned in for progress . . .

This is my first BIG SCALE build. Very excited.

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Really? With the fantastic amount of experience with scale model cars that you have, I thought you would have built dozens of these by now. All with fully functional doors, convertible tops that fully work, functioning lights, etc. etc. :P:D

I will have to say that you are going to be in HEAVEN with the amount of detail you will be able to put into a large scale build. It's the most important thing to me with regards to model cars; the ease with regards to detailing all parts. Engine block, engine bay, chassis, interior, etc.

I think it's safe to say that like many of us who loiter here in the Big Boyz forum, the more large scale kits made available to us all, the better. (I'm still giddy with my '67 Vette and the rotating headlights (my first "major" modification to a model car body), the great detail in the engine bay, the beautiful interior, and the amazing body finish).

Can't wait to see pics for this one. I can only imagine how incredible this will turn out. :D

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