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Dodge ram extended cab

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I have seen online that accu-pro had made an extended cab 1994-1998 dodge ram truck cab I'm looking to recreate my personal truck and I need to make it a ext cab long bed, does anyone know where or if anyone makes them. I seen that someone built it by putting two cabs together but I don't have the skills to fabricate that. Can anyone help me out?



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The 1/25 AMT SnapFast regular cab dually and regular cab longbed, and the Revell 1/25 Ram VTS regular cab shortbed are the only 1/25 kits of that Ram bodystyle, and the two AMT kits are unassembled promotional models, with fully molded in chassis/engine/exhaust/suspension details...not so great underneath.

Accu-Pro made the only aftermarket (model, not 1:1) extended cab and pickup bed I know of, but the bed was a short box.

You'll need to find one of the Accu-Pro resin cabs and combine it with the bed from this AMT kit, and maybe use the chassis from the Revell kit for added detail. If your truck is a 4x4, the suspension and drivetrain will need to be kitbashed/scratchbuilt:


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i can make it long bed no problem, and i can make it 4wd no problem, the issue i have is combining the 2 cabs to make a nice ext cab, is anyone capable of doing this for me?

Find the Accu-Pro cab on eBay or at a swap meet, and you're done. No work required other than clean up. Someone sold the shortbox and extended cab, as well as the AMT kit on eBay last month for $25.

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You'll have to keep an eye on eBay, and wait until one appears. I will PM you the completed listing I mentioned above so you know what to look for.

Here are the AMT kit, and the Accu Pro cab and box:


This is pretty much what you'd need for your project, Stephen:


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I've seen these pop up on ebay from time to time. I keep thinking I want one to replicate my actual truck. But I always find something I need / want worst so it gets bypassed

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