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Thanks guys!

I figured you were like most of us at your age and some cute girl caught your eye and you left us behind! :D

Glad you are back, have you done any more work to your 1:1 pickup lately?

Well that's true but no luck yet :(:lol:

Haven't done a ton to the truck, I think it's got a few bad lifters and I decided I'm going to swap in a 6.0 LS from a new Silverado. With the mods I want to do to this motor, it should put me up in the 450 hp range :D (Great, all that means is speeding tickets when I get my license...)

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WELCOME back to the madness Andy, be careful with all them ponies, and don't be like my wife's doctor friend's son, her son has got 4 tickets in the last 3 months the last one they took his license on the spot, he's only 19, he's got a heavy foot don't you know!!! :D

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Thanks guys! Main reason I quit was because I just had no time. Luckily though it all worked out. :)

I'm squeezing in a few minutes here before I go to work myself. No time for the models, although the weather has begun to turn &^%$%^&..... maybe I start dusting off the bench this week.

Welcome back to the small scale. I myself have been playing with the big stuff too & going broke doing it. But boy, is it FUN!

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