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Revell Integra Type R (Kit Restoration)

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Hey guys, figured i'd share this little journey with everyone. I was on the hunt for one of these kits for some time, but given their age and rarity finding one for a decent price can be a challenge. I built 2 when I was in the early teens, or shall I say "ruined" so I thought buying a built kit and restoring it would be more redeeming.

When I first got it, I was a little overwhelmed on how bad it was... But I separated and organized all the parts I would be keeping and got started.




Thick brushed on paint.




Body paint is surprisingly OK, but the decals were peeling badly.




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And the paint stripping began! I use Easy Off oven cleaning and sealed containers to soak things for 24 hour increments.

The first 24 hours wasn't nearly enough.


48 hours later...



Picked up some new resin seats for this thing and did a little mock-up



FINALLY! Some paint.




Finishing interior touch.


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Sorry for the multiple posts everyone, only allowed 10 images each.

Anyway, I snagged an engine from another kit I had and got to work on the bay.




The kit stock intake was crazy tacky and not very realistic, so I built one of my own out of some sprue and a resin K&N filter.



and together


Thanks for looking everyone!

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Nice start, the intake looks good, gives me a good idea where to go on the 'Teg I'm doing. Best of the Revell tuner kits I think, nice if they re-issued it as the prices for these and the civic's are creeping up.

I would love to see a reissue! It's sad to see kits I know I had a few of a long time ago go for ridiculously high costs because there are fewer and fewer popping up for sale. I got lucky and scored a minty fresh kit alongside this pre-wrecked kit from a member on another forum, otherwise eBay would have eaten my hobby budget for that month. haha

You have totally corrupted me, found one on eBay. Yours is looking really good like the intake

Thanks man! It's a great build to be honest, no fitment issues at all even.

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