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  1. ken the turbo is too big, im working on fitting a smaller one. im putting dual waste gates on that side also and they werent going to fit. wich FRS kit did you get? thanks for looking
  2. hey guys ive been out of the game for a while but finally got back on this one! so far i modified the model meister valve cover and turbo, made motor and transmition mounts, fixed the cage(was a bit crooked) working on castin the wheels so i can start the suspension and body. heres a few pics of the progress, thanks for looking comments and tips welcomed
  3. Looking good, nice touch on the carbon on the underside of the hood
  4. heres a picture of the engine I am going to be using
  5. I got the engine from Model meister. I'll post some pictures later on today, is a very clean engine and lots of deatail
  6. Thanks JB and Art! indeed I'm putting a lot of work into this one, I'm trying to get as much detail in it from the real one
  7. thanks mike ,the pumps are made from styrene rod, the brackets from sheet styrene and the surge tank from hollow tube with a cap made
  8. This is looking awesome!!! I want to build one soo bad, will be following this one closely. Eightyone parts are flawless
  9. ive been wanting to build an frs for a while now and ryan tuecks new street car was the deciding point, so far i have the cage done, radiator and custom mount, double fuel pump setup and made my own fifteen52 wheels. i am test fitting the rocket bunny kit and my 2jz motor just came in... something a bit different from most frs builds. i am having a blast with this one, now some pics
  10. Ok I'm in... Beautiful color choice
  11. Seeing your build made me get back to work on my ae86 thanks!
  12. Thanks guys for the motivation, Ryan your te27 is looking sick i love the stance it has... seeing yours and Stans is what got me back on this one. hopefully tonight i can finish the wheelie bar and start on the tubs.
  13. hey Rob i used 3mm solder for both
  14. finally got to do some work on this, painted the wheels, played a little adjusting the doors, mounted the motor to the chassis and started on the wheelie bar...
  15. datsuns are just awesome! the weathering looks great!
  16. great start! love seeing these builds on here... keeping an eye on your progress
  17. Looking on point, I'm also doing a 2jz 86 corolla
  18. this is looking really good! the engine setup is on point
  19. Nice looking froward to see how it turns out, if you need reference tony Angelo has a 2az-fe on his drift car not the same but similar engine
  20. Thanks I tried to convince myself and leave it but every time I picked it up just irritated me and I would stop working on it
  21. so i wasnt happy with the top of the cage and decided to fix it, now that looks right im motivated to continue on this and get it done soon
  22. I'd say if you do the lower body blackbleave the hood body color
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