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  1. Thanks guys... More coming soon, working on the back of the chassis
  2. thanks for the motivation andrew
  3. so wasnt to happy with the chassis, started over from scratch... im using 2mm rods now and looks a lot better. hope you guys agree
  4. should look something like this when its done, hopefully! Thanks for looking
  5. peter the crossbar is a little off, its been bothering me too! Are you talking about El Humilde? im from PR, thats what im going off of, only making it full chassis instead of 3/4. Thinking about painting it red too
  6. thanks for the motivation guys! just a quick engine mock up...
  7. this build is going really smooth! heres a few more pics... thanks for the comments, always welcomed
  8. a lil progress made today, got the exhaust manifold done
  9. thanks for the comments guys, Clayton ill make a turbo step by step and take picks, Austin i was looking around google for reference pics and that one came up! more pics coming soon i have the exhaust manifold almost done and the intake manifold in the works...
  10. thanks steven! hope it turns out how i see it in my head
  11. A bit different from what we see here but still goes in a straight line... hope you like
  12. Thanks guys for the comments! Russ I have a 86 corolla for my next one... I'm hoping to start it soon.
  13. the rest of the decals came in and some clear coat... Thanks for looking, comments are welcomed!
  14. almost done! just a few more stencils and clear coat
  15. russ the black box is an ait to water intercooler, the charge pipe goes from the turbo to the cooler and from there to the intake like a normal intercooler... hope it helps!
  16. got the interior done... starting to come together, pushing to get some paint on the body
  17. some work done last night, did the brakes, made a seat and a air-water cooler
  18. Looking awesome keep them pics coming
  19. got some plumbing done, put paint on the turbos and made holes to the fenders for the exhaust... thanks for looking
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