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  1. They both have... But is impressive how fast they get them fixed and back to the track
  2. scrappy thanks for the video! sorry to hear about your cousin, hope all is well... that was such a great match, they are both running 2jz's under the hood i dnt know what kind of fuel they run though... ive been slacking on the build, really want to get back on it just dont have t he time right now.
  3. wow that looks great! keep them pic coming...
  4. I agree on the turbo setup... But either way you go ill be watching
  5. amazing to see how this started and where you are now... im enjoying every post of this build and hoping to learn a thing or two. thanks for sharing
  6. thanks guys for the words of encouragement... i havent had much time to make progress but ill have some updates soon
  7. this is going to be gorgeous!
  8. when i see your work i dont know if i should keep building models and get better at it or just quit... it amazes me every time.
  9. gotta have that 2jz in there! looking good, cant wait to see more
  10. like they way you went with this... looks great
  11. got the 4 link mounts today, hopefully can do the rear end this weekend...
  12. wow beautiful car... great build man!
  13. Haha thanks for being courious guys!
  14. i appreciate the words guys... keeps me going. its good to see that starting over wasnt a waste of time. Kerry maybe next time ill put blown v8 the topic to get your attention sooner haha... i have a few pics to put up later of some new wheels im gonna try.thanks for looking and comments and opinions welcomed
  15. Thanks man I'm doing my best.
  16. got the back of the chassis done, put some magnets to hold the chassis and the body together. i will post pics whe it dries and can take. heres some test fitting pics
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