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  1. hi russ, ill get you some pics of the turbos, i made them with solder rod. it bends easy! and dont worry its no bother at all
  2. got the chassis painted NATO green, primed the body and added the wing. hope you like...
  3. thanks for the coments guys! George as far as the engine goes i got it of a 32 ford hot rod kit, i wasnt aware it was a hemi, thanks for poining it out... gonna have to find a ford motor somewhere!! im not a big fan of having different make engines on cars...
  4. some progress... came up with a paint job, made smaller turbos.
  5. looks great so far! following this one
  6. new here, this is my currrent buld a 66 mustang. Its my first time doing all the scratch building...
  7. hi there i just signed up to the forum and wated to introduce myself. i am very impresed with the work u guys do! i am putting together a 66 mustang, first time doing a scratch built frame so ive been looking around a lot! i will post some pics soon.
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