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Hey guys finished this one up the other day.

A Revell 1964 Chevy pickup fleetside, painted with Boyd's Cheezoom Teal Pearl

decanted and cleared with Model Master Ultra Gloss decanted then airbrushed

3 coats of each, wet sanded and polished.

I did a little kit bashing on this one used the seats, console, steering wheel, engine

from the AMT 1967 Chevelle pro street kit ( the green max rat kit ) the body got messed

up somehow so I have been robbing parts from it

The interior is done in all craft acrylic paints except for the dash.

The bed is also done with craft acrylic paint and I made some washes from the same

paints just used a couple different shades of brown the grain was done with a

mechanicle pencil then it was cleared with Ceramcoat acrylic semi-gloss urethane,

then BMF was applied.

Engine is a Chevy 427, used Parts by Parks distributor and coil the headers were

completely disassembled and cut reshaped put back together to make shorty headers

to drop straight down because they would not work in their original form you can

see on the underneath pic

I lowered the truck just enough to give it the old hot rod look, buy removing the

front spindles and repositioning then and I shaved the rear spring disks to match.

baby moons are from Parts by Parks.

Thanks for looking :)











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now that's one good lookin sleeper

Thanks Chris!

wow thats a lot of motor for those tires , smokem if you got them ,thats a sharp looking truck and you open the hood and BAM! . KEEPING TIRES ON THAT IS GOING TO BE HARD ,

Yep you're right Blair I don't think those tires will hook up very well at all but that's the look I wanted and those were all I had without ordering some so there ya go, I'll just have to keep my foot out of the accelerator!! :lol::)

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That's a very tidy pick em up mate, nicely detailed and i love that wood in the tray. GREAT JOB.

Thank you Dale! :)

Beautiful truck, the color looks so good on it. Awesome job on that engine too.

Thanks Jonathan, I think the color goes well on it too! :)

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Beautiful pickup!!!

Thanks Michael :)

Very nice! I agree about the tires being a bit skinny, but that adds to the sleeper look. Who would suspect that much power when it rolls up to the red light? Nice work!


Thanks Sam, yep the tires are a bit small probably not much traction with all those ponies up front! lol :)

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