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Old build No 8.


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Okay, lets show some pictures of my latest build, this build got finished in 2008 and it's my interpretation of the Revell 32 Ford Roadster.

This model is not built entirely out of box, I originally planned to use the 392 Hemi engine from the Revell 41 Willys Gasser but the B&M Hydro Stick tranny didn't fit under the floor, so I used the engine from the 41 Willys Street Rod as it has a 727 auto, but I used the injector and scoop from the Gasser, the zoomie headers are from the AMT Boss Nova.

I detailed the engine with an old parts box Vertex Magneto, ignition wires, injection hoses and throttle linkage, I didn't like the kit firewall so I scratch built a more stock looking firewall from Evergreen sheets and half round bar.

The paint is Tamiya TS-52 Candy Lime Green from a spray can and Tamiya Clear, the interior is Tamiya TS-45 Pearl White and I used the custom "boat style" steering wheel from the AMT 56 Ford Fairlane Victoria and painted to match, the grille is a photo etched piece from Model Car Garage and the wheels and tires are from the old Monogram Li'l Coffin.

The front wheels and front axle had bad chrome plating so I redid them with Alclad II Chrome, I also did the oil pan for the engine at the same time as the pan for the transmission already was chrome plated.

To the pics.








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