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Good afternoon all. I recently received a shipment from Custom Squads resin after getting a message from blubaja that they were back in business after a long absence. I have never purchased from them before as I was not into this hobby back then, but I have only heard great things about this company and had seen some of their work in Terry Jessee's books. So I wanted to go ahead and share pictures of some of the items I got. You will have to excuse the quality but they were taken with my phone:

First is the Caprice conversion set for the Revell 1994 Impala SS:


Up next is one of the center console pieces also specifically designed for the Impala SS. With some adjusting, it should fit into any other vehicle:


Then some 1/2-ton wheel covers that Ford used on their trucks/vans from the mid 80's to about the mid 90's:


And finally some wheels for medium-duty trucks:



Here is their website:


They have a multitude of items listed and their service with me was great. I hope some of you find this helpful.

Thank you

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Looks like pretty decent quality stuff all right! I especially like those dual wheels.. and the prices are certainly reasonable too!!! I'm impressed!

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