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Nobody yet on that Tuesday night Cadillac convertible? Well, does anybody watch TV on MONDAY night? Here's another one from a current series that I really like. I had to take some editing liberties with it to get rid of a person. I apologize that I'm nowhere as adept at it as our Harry is!:


And, since I've been posting a series of TV and movie Corvairs, and that last Corvair FC was guessed so quickly, I thought I'd post another movie FC... Guess it if you can!:


The Corvair is from With Honors

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These two are from the same movie....



Doggone it, Mike, I'M the one who's supposed to be posting the Corvairs! I had that one saved up for later. Oh well. (Just kidding - It's good to have someone else on here who respects the little guys! Diggin' the Kombi, too.) So, how about another film featuring what I think might possibly have been the same car? I'm not sure, and I don't really think they ARE the same one, but they're the same model (Monza, NOT Monza Spyder), and year (1964), they're both the same shade of red with black interiors and tops, and both cars lack top boots. But, the 1969 car has stock wheel covers and is missing the factory Monza emblem - unusual for a car that was only supposed to be 5 years old!:


Ben, You're absolutely correct about "With Honors".

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Anyone know this one?


"The Way Way Back"

Edited by CorvairJim

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