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  1. Thanks to Steve, Dave, Jim, Warren, Kurt, and Bruce for your input and to all those who voted so far. It really adds to the fun of this project! Voting will close Friday night. Then I'll announce the car that will be built for the article. Paul and Chris, if the Pierce Arrow does keep its top spot, I agree that it could use a bit extra to add some interest. I also had some minor mods in mind for the other candidates. Scott
  2. Love that chassis and drivetrain shot! Has anyone used the word "spectacular" yet? I call it!
  3. I'll count that as a vote, Steve! I used the Foki shoe that I always do. Doesn't work for this forum now. It works on other forums. Go figure. I've gat a message to the Mod. In the meantime is is a test IT WORKS. Scott
  4. photo test. Just trying to get all the interior parts to fit together. [URL=https://public.fotki.com/Scottcolmer/loiues-truck/louis-truck/img-2811.html][IMG]https://images34.fotki.com/v1212/photos/4/545594/10997211/IMG_2811-vi.jpg[/IMG][/URL]
  5. Sorry- Not sure why the pics are not showing up. I'll fix it. FIXED. Thanks, Steve!
  6. I figured it was time to start building some of those rare/vintage kit’s I have collected over the years. I also wanted to contribute to the magazine. I reached out to Gregg and his team and presented my idea. They agreed to give it a try. HERE IS HOW IT WORKS… I post a choice of three kits here on the forum. The members of the forum can vote on which kit they would like to see built. From there I would build the kit pretty close to box art, with minimal scratch building and detailing. A build-up article would be featured in Model Cars magazine. This gives people a chance to see what
  7. Well done, Rodney! Great solution on the headers. You pulled off an amazing clone!
  8. Hey Rodney, Sorry about the paint problems. I had the same thing happen with a Tamyia pot painted T'rantula that was stored for a move. The paper towel stuck right to it. I hope you stick it out. I am really looking forward to seeing you complete this one. About the headers....Here is what the Scorpion version of the Piranha make over did. They went down and under the chassis. I didn't use them and made my own out of aluminum and plastic. I'm sorry I could not find the originals. I know I cut at least one up for a gauge can. I would have sent you one to copy. I can keep looking if
  9. I was going to say brake lines because you have to make them twice to get a good one. (At least I do.) But then Rodney said engineering. I would have to agree. I can't remember which 1:1 car builder said it, but he described building a custom car as dealing with all these different parts fighting for space. Perfect.
  10. Thanks for the kind words, Steve. I really like your Wagon project. I'm glad you like the detail, Francis. I'm checking in on your truck daily. It's art. John! Glad to see you here! Yep, once this one is done it's time to go after those stalled projects. I've been working a lot, but it took a while to get something to show. Here is the console. It is modified from the original sketch because if felt it looked odd dropping down the floor in the middle of the cab, so I extend it to the dash. Some items of note: The console is exactly as wide as a single upholstery p
  11. That's some pretty impressive hand brush work.
  12. The first model builders I thought of were the Titus brothers. They built radical custom models cars as kids and then brought them to life as adults. (A fantasy of mine.) Here is the first one they brought to life. The Voodoo Spider. I think they were completing the 1:1 of the King Scorpion when Eldon passed away. Scott
  13. Looking good, Gerald! You are definitely making all the right moves. I think that wing wants to be higher up too. Maybe less wide front to back? I'm glad you liked the Scorpion article. Looking forward to seeing more. Scott
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