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Zeed Frame and Chopping on Ford 31 Model A

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Hi guys,

I just got a Ford 31 Model A this morning, and I would like to make a Ratrod of it.

But before I cut, I would like you check if my cut lines are correct.

1st is the frame: As you can see, I marked the vertical lines where the firewall starts and the wheel arch at the back starts as well, and I marked the 45 degres lines than I will cut to make the zeed frame.

Are those two 45 degres cut are correct?

At the front, is it a problem if the cut is right after the engine "stand'?

for the back, is that gonna be a problem for the floor?

2nd is the chopping roof: I applied tape around the body, the cut lines are the edges on both side of the tape, is it correct?

I am sure I will have more questions as I go further in the project.

thank you for your time.







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You have the right idea, but to get a square and symmetrical frame at the end, you need accurate cuts. To get accurate cuts you need accurate lines to follow.

Here's a tutorial I did on the subject, and it's the same way I zee frames on the very expensive full-scale traditional rods I build in real life.


Of course, if you zee a frame, it won't fit the rear floor any more. You'll have to modify the floor.

You have the right idea on chopping the roof, but again...accuracy counts. Cut very carefully.

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