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RAIDER VETTE! Custom 24th Scale Space Ship is Finished!

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Hand Painting!

I started Hand Painting the Cockpit with Medium Sea Gray & Flat Black Vallejo Paints. I added a little Silver in the Gray to brighten it up.


I also started Hand Painting on the underside with Silver & Flat Black.


More Coming... B)

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Bubble Test!

I had to remove the Hinge Bar from the Bubble Top to fit it in place.


Looks like a Great Fit. Next I need to apply some Glosscote on the Body. But I have to apply the last decal first.


With all of the Decals in place, I applied a couple coats of Glosscote. Then I let it dry in the dehydrator for about a half hour.


More Coming... B)

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So is this a street or racesaucer?I can't see a "stock"saucer running the wild flames and other decals.There is also an obious lack of armaments or weapons of an interstellar class so I'm again thinking that it's not intended as a tactial unit.

Looking forward to you to your clarification as I am sure are other dazed and amazed people.

Thanks Tom!

The Raider Vette could be a High Performance or Racing Saucer. Or it could be a High Speed Fighter Saucer with multiple Laser Cannons around the circumference of the Body and Atomic Photon Torpedoes hidden behind Panel Doors... B)

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Pod Racing Engines!

I assembled the Engines. Then I Primed them & Painted them with Tamiya Silver Leaf. Next I Hand Painted the Gold Sections.


Then I applied a "The Detailer", Black Wash and after they dried I sprayed them with Glosscote.


More Coming... B)

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Blue Fire!

I decided to add some Excitement to the Engines! I'm going to fit some Blue Metalflake Film into the Narrow-Slotted Sections.


The Metalflake Film is thick and when I rolled it around a pencil, it sprung back flat again. So I rolled a piece up and held it with Tweezers. Then I slipped it into the Narrow-Slotted Section and let go of the Tweezers. The Film sprung back and holds itself in place!


Here are the Engine Sections with the Film in place.


More Coming... B)

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Make a Stand!

I started with a Base from the parts box. I am going to mount the RAIDER Vette on a Clear Rod. So I drilled a hole for the Clear Rod to go through.


Then I glued a short length of plastic tubing to the underside of the Base to hold the Clear Rod. I will add a small piece of plastic on the end to keep the Rod from going all of the way through.


Next I painted the Base with Testors Diamond Dust. You know, I think I might add lights to this Base!


More Coming... B)

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