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Since the only place I have to paint is outdoors, well, you can imagine the bodies stacking up around here (no, not human).There's an '81 Ford flareside waiting for the final color coat and some clear. Then there's the '63 Ford, '55 Chrysler, '69 Dart, '62 Pontiac and '66 Fairlane all awaiting the same fate. Warm up, dagnabbit.

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We had another one of those "Storm of the Century" warnings for this past weekend. It was supposed to snow like a dickens Saturday into Sunday, then warm up to a day of bad rain storms.

And of course a funny thing happened. Around noon on Saturday, it started to snow. My wife said, "It wasn't supposed to start until 1pm like she had an appointment or something. I had to assure her that within an hour, was a pretty good prediction.

It did snow until about 11pm on Saturday. I expected to wake up and find it has snowed more over night, but nope. That's all we got. Maybe 4" if measuring generously. Then it hit 44 degrees on Sunday. Suddenly we were in one big melt. Not enough snow to get out my snow blower, and the snow we had was very heavy and water sogged. Kinda like a snow cone. I did one path down the driveway, which immediately became a river with all the melting. Then I cleared the sidewalk, and since I live on a hill, that became a river as well.

Now we are back below freezing, so I assume a lot of that melt is now solid ice. And I'm not going outside to check! We should be back down to single digits again tonight. Nothing like yo-you weather.

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