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  1. Just a question for you guys . Has anyone put a vinyl top on after painting the body ? Or anyone know how to? I have a bad spot and sanded a little to much on my roof so its getting a top or getting weather and rusty.
  2. Painted the rims a bronze color , wish I had some more of these.
  3. I'm liking the bronze rims, glad I swapped them.
  4. Thank you. You are doing great, keep it up. I need to weather something soon I hate polishing paint. Thank you.
  5. Got this today, first time I saw one. Figured I better get it.
  6. This is the car I'm building for this year's Can nonball.
  7. Got the rims I decided on using fitted, going to get them painted. Still a few things to figure out but going to start getting this together.
  8. I like the new grill bar much better , alot cleaner looking. Love the stance! Is the taillight area going to molded in and painted body color or have chrome bezels?
  9. I bought a can of this just to mess around with. I build a lot of weathered models and this looks like it may work. It looks like it may work for anyone that likes cars with tinted primer.
  10. Great job, I want to get around to building a Dart. Always wanted to be a Mannix car.
  11. Putting the clear on this today. Started this when my daughter was born, she is thirteen 😀😀😀
  12. Had the paint shop mix up the original color and put it in a spray can. Cost about 18$.
  13. I don't remember what it said , I think it a 60.
  14. Thanks, I'm not sure either, just seeing what happens as I go.
  15. I usually use liquid glue and tack in place with a soldering iron. May not be the right way to do it , but it works.
  16. Getting close to finishing up the body on this one. The chassis and cage is done ,but still some to on the Slant Hemi.
  17. Thank you. if you get one , cut the door panel at the openings so flex and fit along the body better. They were cast all in one piece and don't bend easily. Really want to see other ones built.
  18. Thank you everyone. I Googled '57 Chevy the other day and couldn't believe I found this picture ,not a hardtop.
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