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About me? I was born in 68, built models in late 70's early 80's. I built show, drag, and whatever I could get my hands on. Life happened and 2007 comes around and I came down with the west nile virus (I don't recommend it). A year goes by, unable to work and tired of tv and the internet ( I had'nt discovered this site yet) I decided to buy a model to pass the time. BIG MISTAKE :D Since I had zero supplys or models, so the journey began. I built some box stock to start with but find I'm enjoying cutting up and creating models that don't exist. I seem to have more WIP than finished models, but I will keep trying and learning. I have around 500 models and 200 builts for parts and inspiration, back to the big mistake :D I'm a Framer by trade (buildings in my blood) and have always been artistic and creative, models are just another form of that. I look forward to making friends and learning from this modeling community. Clancy

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