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  1. ferrarijoe is a great trader, the kit is exactly as described and super fast shipping! Thanks Joe!
  2. I had no idea about the differences between the two types of paint. I'm going to try different colored primers to see if I can get the color I am looking for on some test pieces. I want to get as close as I can to a "ferrari" red. I'm not looking to spray from a can, I have just gotten comfortable with my airbrushes and like the way they turn out. Also, I have been using acrylics and want to stick with them as well so I am going to experiment to see how it comes out.
  3. 12 Challenger R/T 6 spd. Love this car, reminds me of my first car which was a 72 plymouth satellite.
  4. Thanks for all of the suggestions, looks like I'm not going to be using the model masters paint, I should have checked here first before I bought 2 bottles? I may try experimenting with it and mixing it a bit to try and darken it up a bit. Can I mix tamiya a mm acrylics to get a custom color? Sorry for all of the questions, I'm brand new to all of this.
  5. Thank you for the advice, will this bring out a deeper tint to the red?
  6. I am planning on building a Revell Ferrari Testarossa and bought some Model Master Italian Red for it. I stirred it up and the color seems a little light compared to Tamiya Red. Has anyone used this on a Ferrari kit? Should I prime with gray to try to deepen the color some? I am trying to get as close to possible to Ferrari red.
  7. Thanks everyone. I finished my Peterbilt 359, it came out pretty good but I didn't get any shots of the interior before I assembled it. I am going to take some pictures of it tomorrow and get them posted. Moving on to a few Mopar muscle cars as soon as I finish up the trailer for the rig.
  8. Hello all. I'm brand new to this hobby and just recently completed my first kit, an AMT USA-1. It was a great learning expierience but I'm not that thrilled with how it came out. I'm almost done with my second kit, Revell Peterbilt 359, I will start a new thread for it later with some pictures.
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