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  1. Ha ha...Thanks Kerry, The drive shaft Will be there soon. Honda or Abarth? It is pretty fun to do drag cars on european and japanese cars,because that was quite common here in Sweden in the 70's on the drag strip, i,ll think the next build will be a US car. My collection of modelkits is 90% Ford GM Mopar (US cars) because that is what i'm usually Into. The Datsun was more a nostalgic choice. i remember old Datsun's from My childhood. Thanks again. Fred
  2. Tyrone,Jesse, Thank you very much,indeed. -Tyrone, Great that you reminded me about the Duster. That is a project that pop-up in my mind very often,unfortunately i have very high demands on that build,(Maybe thats good) so it feels a little bit slow to get started. But i actually got my inspiration back for the Duster, Hmmm.... lets see...? Fred.
  3. Troy,Ed,Ray,Fred,David,John,Ricky,Carl,Dave,Leonard,Scott, I,m glad you like my little "Sweet Pain",thank you very much,indeed. I´m still thinking what to do next? for the moment i´m cleaning up my hobby room and sorting back all small details in their boxes,so can find them. When the workspace gets cleaned,i get so eager to start building a new project. Some ideas i have been thought of the last time is, a drag version of a Ford Pinto wagon, but also a 70 Dodge Challenger Pro stock, 69 Cuda Pro Stock, I have not deside yet,what i wanna do??? I,m not sure what level i will do them in, It feel
  4. Dave,Scott,Tyrone,john and Art, Thank you guys,your words means a lot. It is time to uppload the completed build,and of course,if you want to ask something or see a picture of some details that are blurry on some picture,i will try to uppload a better picture. And also again,thank you all,for watching this build,maybe you could use it as a guide,or just inspiration. We all want to build better models and this forum is a very great source. My competition is primarily against myself,but if i visit a modelshow and takes a trophy,it´s a bonus. I have also done a list of what i have used for this b
  5. Here is the wheeliebar and its made of both stainless tubing and plastic rods with photo-etched details. the tubing will be connected/attached to the rod ends in the 4-link plates. Finaly i will paint the wheeliebar as it was row unpainted steel. Comments are welcome. Fred
  6. Steve,Jesse,Ricky,Dave, Thank you so much for your kind words. The chute have a scratchbuilt mounting bracket that is mounted on the frame,but first i have to mount the rear wheels to see the correct height of the rear. Otherwise it will be difficult to get the correct height of the wheeliebar and also to get a nice angle on the chute bracket. I will be upploading some more pictures of the completed build soon and also a list of material and all brands that i have used. Anyway... here are some pictures of the rearwheel and the chute and the starting point of the wheeliebar. On this picture,yo
  7. This is the fuel cell mounted in the trunk,its scratched of a plastic piece and the fuelpump are painted and mounted. First i tried to mount the fuelpump on the bottom of the trunk,but the trunk area are so small with two batteries and a fuelcell,so this mounting was the only way,so not the trunk would see to much cluttered. i found some photo etch parts that i modified so they worked as mounting brackets for the fuel cell. I will also do a fuel cap on my lathe. The batteries are painted and decaled and will also be in the trunk, but i change the battery terminals after this photo was taken t
  8. Thanks Steve,for your comments,and yes,i could had done it more easy if i had choose a little bit bigger car. But the challenge was to do this contrast of "small and big" in the same composition. Time to update some pictures. This is the doors,as you could see,i have named the car "Sweet Pain",and that is a name that i will associate to this build. Because sometimes it was so tricky to get parts together,so i was almost giving up the build. BUT.... when the tricky parts was mounted,the fun and joy came back. I have paint the window frame on the doors with Alclad chrome, it was to fragile to d
  9. it is unbelievable, i can study this for hours. A huge THANKS from Sweden for sharing this.
  10. Sorry i forgot to uppload the picture of the complete hood. But here it is. Fred
  11. Its getting closer to the final steps, i have the trunk and wheelie bar and the rear wheels left. Fred
  12. Thank you Dave,and John. The front and grille has been been modified to get a better lights on it. I have drilled out the lamp reflectors ,but i will use the kits lenses. I Have used some rivets that i found in a hobby shop for artists,and the rivets are actually for clothes. But if you put some bare-metal in the concave side,you have a good reflector for the headlights. Here you see the result.
  13. What a wonderful work you do. it is for sure, that builds like this inspire me very much. keep up the good,clean and crisp work. I Will be watching this.thanks.
  14. Hello, Thank you Carl and Ray. I have some new pictures from the assembly of the engine. I have paint the valve covers in the same color as the body,and the put a decal on it. Mostly parts comes alive when you have paint,decals and some detail on it. When you test fit a unpainted plastic part on a started build it is difficult to see how it is gonna be, i´ll think the composition are getting better. The radiator are scratch built from evergreen,and a photoetched mesh,but i had to place it,i´ll think,ten times in different positions before i could get the front on as i wanted it. It was very tu
  15. So ...guys, I will be posting some more pictures later when the parts are mounted. Comments are welcome. Fred
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