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  1. Where do you build your models? The kitchen table? A desk in the bedroom? Do you have a hobby room of building? I live in a small 2 bed apartment. So I'm going to try to build at the kitchen table. Of corse this means that I'll have to clean it off after every build session but it's what I have to work with. How about you?
  2. Well I started the topic and the question has been answered. Lol. I have enjoyed reading EVERY reply. I have learned that the best kit depends on who you talk to. I haven't starting building yet but I have bought 3 different kits. 2 hot rods and a space ship. Lol. Quite the difference in the styles and all made by different companies. Modelers seem to build what they like as far as subject matter goes and that's what I have come to find out that really matters. This is a process. I hope to stick with it long enough to be able to give some advise on this hobby one day. Until then I'll just keep
  3. So a few weeks ago I thought I'd take up model building for a hobby. I've always enjoyed and appreciated the amount of work that people put into a model. It really is an art form. But my goodness. I never would have thought that so much went into a build. I was thinking you buy a kit, some glue, a couple cans of spray paint and you have at it. Boy was I wrong. Air brushes, food dehydraters, putties, 15 different kinds of sand paper, real aluminum wheels, wiring kits for engines, injection molded or resin and the list goes on. Never would I have imagined that so much would go in to this hobb
  4. Thanks for the input guys. I now know that Chillyb1's 3 favorite companies are, in no particular order Tamyia, Tamyia, & Tamyia. But the answeres are kinda all over. Which doesn't surprise me. I'll just jVe to start building and see who's side I join.
  5. Honestly I do t expect a definitive answer. I was just looking for opinions and the reasons they feel that way. Kinda like Ford Vs Chevy. Both have their dedicated fans but when it comes down to it they are both good cars.
  6. This is completely opinion based but does any one company stand put as the guys that produce superior model kits? Or does it vary from kit to kit?
  7. This is all new to me. And I mean everything. I built models as a kid. Painting them out of the box never prepping the body, using Testors glue in the orange tubes and getting glue finger prints all over it. Then I ended blowing them up with firecrackers. Now that I'm all grown up I thought I'd take a grown up approach to this hobby. If every question I ask gets answered the way this one has been this is going to be so much easier then I had thought. I'll have the knowledge. So it will only be my lack of skill holding me back. Lol. Thanks guys.
  8. Pretty cool! Thank you all for the I depth answers. I've seen some ads for resin bodies that look pretty cool and I thought I would like to build one in the future. I think I will now. Lol Thanks again
  9. What is the difference in a resin kit and let's say just a model you'd buy at say Walmart? Thanks
  10. Let me apologies a thousand times for offending you. Lol. Thanks for welcoming me to the group.
  11. The only club and shows I can find so far are in Cincinnati and unfortunately they meet on Monday nights and my work schedule doesn't allow for that.
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