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  1. WOW WOW WOW THIS IS VERY NICE !!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. That's funny. I'm a '43 model and don't turn heads either!
  3. You got that right. I look forward to gettin' to know you guy's and everyone else here. Have a good Sunday - Dave
  4. I know what you mean about "Oranized Religion" I feel the same way. I go to church every Sunday and do volunteer mentoring at a local men's homeless shelter, but for me it's about the relationship with Him that fills my heart and my soul and helps me feel complete in a lot of area's of my life including my model building. He gave me a purpose that's meaningful and full of joy.
  5. Yeah george, lotsa pieces . The main body structure has 133 pieces to form the body and rear fenders. There were 45 kits I used for various parts I needed, to cut up and form the body and fenders. I cut up whatever I needed to form a fender, glued the pieces together, added body filler and carved it into a shape. Same for the body. No beginning kit. Just 133 pieces cut up glued together - add body filler and file and sand to shape - WALLA - a 1941 Hollywood. Add trim pices to the body and hinges and your up to 200 pieces. Add interior and that's another 140 pieces of leather, wood, metal, a
  6. Here are some assembly photo's of the car after everything was finished and ready to go together. The body was finished inside and out. There are no seam lines or visible body work anywhere. The car was constructed as if it were a kit. The body was built as one piece and then the doors and trunk were cut out and then the jams were built and then hinges added. The hood, front fenders and floor pan were constructed separately. Each piece was constructed as a kit individually. 1700 pieces in the two chassis
  7. Hey Peter YIKES. I've been found out. Your the only one who noticed the exhaust. Not even anybody at the show including my friend there, or anyone else on another forum got that. Pretty cool of you to see that!!
  8. I built this a few month's ago to try to fool a friend at a local model show. Had a lot of fun with it. This is actually a Ferrari-ized ???? Anyone know? Body was slightly wedge cut to the front. Added carbon fiber covered side air dams with Viper exhaust, carbon fiber racing stripe down the center, carbon Fiber "Gills", and a modified Corvette roof to make it look more Ferrari-ish . A set of Ferrari decals and, Lastly, deep black with lot's of clear, and some buckskin I had custom mixed.
  9. Hey Wayne We miss you too! How's Florida? Did you ever find a club there to connect to? Great to hear from you Hope to see your stuff too. Say hi to Jill for me. All the best - Dave
  10. Hey randx0 I have tons of construx pic's. Will post a few here. This was a huge project. Will add a few more another time.
  11. Thanks everyone I'm playing here. I added some pictures now that I'm getting the hang of this. I'll do more later, but I hear a project callin' me - LOL
  12. Thanks everyone . Not sure what I 'm doing yet as far as posting pics. Does Photobucket work fine here? I tried downloading another pic and it failed do to available space. Oh well, I'll figure this out. Definetly not a techno here . Thanks for the nice welcome guys. I'll download more pics of projects both finished and on the bench. All the best - Dave
  13. Hi everyone I'm brand new here and have not posted before. Hope this turns out close to what I intended. This is a project I finished a few years ago and not many have seen it except the local guys in a couple of clubs I belong to and a few shows, mostly on the west coast. Hey. I think I figured this posting thing out
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