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  1. Lot's of beautiful '50 trucks showin' up on this forum lately:D . ( Several on the other forum too - OOPS Did i say that? - LOL ) Always fun to share and be a bit of a ........?
  2. WOW WOW WOW This thing is beeee-uuu-tiii-ful. This should be in "Real or Model". I'm not kidding. Great job and glad you waited the 6 years. Perfect timing.
  3. Hey there abedooley If you go to www.evercoat.com, you'll find the manufacturers website with tons of info, including new products. They have a "Contact Us" link, where you can email them and ask about supplier loctions closest to you, and also ask if they would be willing to sell to you direct. Good luck - Dave
  4. Hey 3Men I like your idea's and your "Artistry". I like trucks, and the one you've chosen is very cool I enjoy using lot's of color. I built this 6 or 7 years ago, and this '50 of mine is still one of my fav's. Good luck on choosing your color combo - Dave
  5. This is my buddy - "The Baxybrat" - LOL As you can see he's into models also. When he's not building his own stuff, he likes to play with mine, and then hide's them when he's done
  6. Good question Most everyone has their own thing that works for them. Mine is straight bleach or Wesley's Bleach White. Kit chrome can vary, so if one stripper doesn't work well or at all, usually the other one does. The wheel? Me, I'd just get another one, or strip all four and use Alclad. Hope this helps ya - Dave
  7. Hey Bluesman Good to hear from you. Is that your "Bud" in your quote picture ? Good luck on getting closer to Bellvue. I hope it works out for ya
  8. Boy this is nice !!! What a beeeeu-t-ful job . Period perfect with the "Flipper" caps.
  9. Hey Grorge That's very cool. I love West Highland terriors. I grew up with Scotties". Now, I got an Orange 'Garfield" tabby name "The Baxybrat" (Baxter) He never bugs me unless he likes what I'm eatin'. That's usually always LOL Thanks for sharing - dave
  10. It never ceases to amaze me that in a hobby so competitive, and nearly all "Testestarone "laidin guy's, that I can find men that are some of my best friend's ever - even after they get to know me . Probably the biggest surprise, including people here I've made friends with. This is a great hobby and I love to build with a passion, but the friend part is the best for me. Even when I was a kid, Ronnie Brown and I spent hours building and competing together. Sometimes he won. Sometimes I did, but the best was we were friends first and we knew it. Fast forward "just a few years" - LOL. B
  11. Hey George Thanks Good to hear from ya. Testor's makes this amazing paint flattener that's called DULL COTE #1260 Flat Lacquer Overcoat, available at most hobby shops. The secret to any good finish is prep. I sealed all the body work on the roof with a two stage urethane primer that stop's any type of "Ghosting". Zinzzer BIN will do the same thing, but there is usually more build-up. Sand and lay down a smooth couple of coats of color>LACQUER< wait 15 min, to half hour and then hit with a lite coat of the Dull Cote, let flash for 15 min., followed by a heavier wet coat and let dry ov
  12. I see stuff like this at show's once in a great while, and especially at the GSL, and it just blows me away that you guy's can do these, and with all that detail. KUDO"S to all you 1/43er's
  13. I agree Thanks for making all this possible for us - Dave
  14. I think I finished this in March or April of this year. Some time before I started posting here. No one's seen this yet in the club's I belong to, as I build mostly just for my own enjoyment now. Don't do contest's anymore either as I had my "15 minutes of Glory" already . A friend of mine gave me an article out of a Mag several years ago with several drawings of Thom Taylor's, on '34 fords. One particular drawing got my brain going and it took me about a year, off and on to finish it. The convertible sedan roof is scratch-built. The window area is chopped considerably and shortened and tot
  15. Yeah, I think it's mostly personal preferance, after some trial and error. I'm like some here, I like to apply the BMF after the clear-coat and the polishing. Usually the BMF doesn't stick to well after the polish and waxing, and I've noticed some sheets of foil have more adhesive than others, so I use MICROSCALE Micro Metal Foil Adhesive and it works great. Never a problem as long as you don't let it dry to long. Here's a project I used the ashesive on and it "stayed put" really well.
  16. Hey Lyle Glad I checked this out. It's beautiful. Love all the great detail work and the finish on the paint. I'm a detail and finish guy, and you nailed it dead on - Thumbs up man
  17. Well, I bought me another '59 kit off eBay today for the longer door chrome. I'll use the rear quarter chrome for the doors. Now I don't have to be concerned about how to complete this build.
  18. I think your right about the door handles . I'll probably put it in it's stock location , right under the end of the fin. Also will use the stock mirror and the antenna. I think you can see them on the box art in the photo. Still gotta get another kit offn' (That's ######'n Talk - LOL) eBay. Thanks guy's for your imput - Dave
  19. Hi James James and I and Jairus all belong to the same club - SABA - here in Portland, Or. James is referring to a "Style", if you'd call it that, of mine, using the 'ol 24 INCHERS and cutting off the tops to "getter' in dem weeds". THAT'S CRAPN'BLACK TALK. Your perverting my speach there guy LOL!! Started doin these 24inchers about 8years ago, when Adkins Toy ditributors back in NY or Pa. started importing JADA's Line of DUB CITY and could only order them direct. Not in stores anywhere then. Really cheap then, so I ordered a bunch, and ripped off the tires and wheels and threw the b
  20. WOW This is VERY COOL What a great idea. Love to see this done. Keep on going - I like it
  21. Several of you have suggested that I do something about the " Getting out of the car and poke yourself in the eye on the windshield frame because of the steep angle of the windshield" SYNDROME !! So here is my solution. I lengthened the doors and gave them a bit of the 'Vette curvature below the chrome trim. To me it looks more balanced. For those of you who don't like the short distance between the rear wheel well opening and the door - Tuff For everyone who likes it, thank you
  22. Hi curt Got some history trivia for ya. Back in the 60's, Skip Fox (Or Hudson - Can't remember which) used to race one of these at Riverside Raceway in SoCal. I worked as a pattern maker for Lancer Co. (Slot Racing Bodies) and we sponsored his car for a couple of years. Colin Chapman in England produced these and the coupes, the Lola T70 MK3's for race and also for the street. A P.R. guy brought one of the coupes out to the company and a few of us got to go for a ride with a 500 H.P. small block right behind my head. They were slated to go into production to compete with Corvette sales an
  23. Thanks everyone. Here's a picture of what I drove for years and still like to drive. I build 'um scale just the way I luv 'um 1 to 1 This is a special edition T-Bird that is supercharged ( Not turbo-charged. This was a roots style blower)from the factory. It had a larger mass-air meter, speed chip, and K&N induction. It had 18"X 10" wide Neeper wheels and 40 series directional meats. It was professionally lowered to 3" off the ground with all the good stuff - Springs, sway bar, shocks and spindles. This thing would simply fly, any direction you'd point it. Talk about fun
  24. Thanks 'randx0' I've always been fairly visual when it comes to creating. Usually I see these projects pretty clearly, and just build what I see in my head. The downside is having so many visual idea's and having to choose which one's to enjoy. I think that's why it's so much fun to work on 5 or 6 projects at a time, as I don't have to limit myslf so much to what I'll have fun with .
  25. Hey Jeff These '59's really look good in bright red, and I have a beautiful red in two stage urethane I'll probably use with a clear-coat. The interior I think will be tan with black trim to compliment the flat black I'll paint the windshield frame and cowl like on the stock 'Vette roadster's. I haven't started looking at wheels yet. Probably be looking at either the 24 incher's I love to use or maybe like some have suggested, some type of stock Corvette wheel. Either way it'll be on the ground. Love "ground huggers". Is that like "Treehugger's only different? - LOL
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