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  1. Hey Bill Absolutely "STUNNING" Great detail and finish On the script for next time. After you primer and before the color goes on, I foil the script. After the color and before the clear, I gently sand away the paint on the high spots to reveal the BMF script, then clear coat. Let me know if you ever try it, and what you think. Again very beautiful on an extremely difficult kit. Very thin and flimsy plastic and difficult to make all those pieces work properly together. I have a couple of them. Dave
  3. Hey Clayton Thanks for letting us know . If you can let George know that the "Treehugger" said HI and I miss his "STUFF" - LOL
  4. Hey Davkin I'm sure your not incompetent . I ran Bridgeports for years, even owned a few. I was a proto-type machinist and tool-maker for quite awhile, and a pattern maker. For me this miniature stuff is a welcome change to do what I enjoy now in small scale, but we all have our favorite "WEAPONS OF CHOICE" - LOL . Happy modeling with yours . THE TREEHUGGER
  5. Hi Harry I have to agree with Ron and a few others who praised the Chinese machines. Most of us are hobbiests and can't justify the cost or the quality of the higher-end machines. Most like myself, don't spend that much time on this equipment to make the xtra cost worthwhile. Here are a couple pics of my "Chinese Shop" - LOL . I'm pretty satisfied with what I have. Cost - Purchased new over a years time with all the cutters, holders, vises, rotary table and other support tools and drill press, band saw, etc - $1500 - $ 2000. Harry, the xtra stuff I mentioned will cost you more than t
  6. Everybodies showing a picture of a car from the year they were born. They didn't make any cars the year I was born , , and there was no T.V. and the penny wasn't made of copper ???????????????????
  7. WOW I love the whole package! The question ? mark rear window is super clever . Color, stance, body work and detail are all beautiful. Great job - Dave
  8. Thanks Ron Yes, amazingly wonderful styles of auto art that we'll never see again, from a bygone era. Glad we have the history books and photo's to bring those days back to us. Good to hear from you Ron. Dave
  9. I decided to split this off from the thread with the '50 Lincoln. I'm sure most people here aren't interested in a "Stock" classic like this, but for those who are, it'll be fun to share . The "Real" original car was built in 1928, then shown March 5th, 1929 at the Los Angeles Car Show with 320 other cars, in a huge Ringling Bros. style tent. Many were proto-types and hand made cars like this Auburn, and all were destroyed in a historical blaze, that ended the dreams of many car companies and coach builders. Thankfully there are men out there with deep enough pockets and an incredible app
  10. Back in the early 60's in Southern California, they were always having gas wars, from station to station. "62-'64 when I was in college you could fill your tank for $2.50 or less. $.12 to $.15 cents a gallon, and drive all week. In the very late 60's though, things changed down there, and Gas became scarce and there were gas lines and rationing , and odd and even days when you could buy gas. There were long lines at all the pumps, and the stations would run out of gas when there was long lines, and there were a lot of angry people and fist fights when the out of gas sign would come ou
  11. Hey Beamerman This has got a great look to it. I'll keep watching. '60's were good, but the '50's were better The Treehugger
  13. Thanks Danny I understand what you're saying. I love all kinds of street-rods and also the classics. I've scratch-built some totally stock "Rolling Art" classics, but once in a while, the style of a car just does it to you and you have "play with it" - LOL Here's some photo's of a beautiful classic 1932 Chrysler. Not so much the model, but the elegance of the real car. To me one of Chryslers most beautiful . How would you like to drive a classic like this? - I sure would. I'll include some pics of a scratch-built stock Duesenberg. In my humble opinion, this is one of the most beautiful
  14. Hey ######'n thanks I'm really enjoying watching your "T" come together . Behind all your fun "Jargon" (There's a word you haven't heard in a while)there's a modeler with some "Very Serious Model Building Skills". Waiting to see what you do with colors. As an artist I love color and sometimes a lot of it I'm still watching your "T" build Tell George "Hi" for me - Dave
  15. What kinda "Stink" do you run on ?" - LOL
  16. Roll and pleat interior ? In SoCal we called that TUCK and ROLL - Same thing we did when we crashed our motorcycles Been there: done that : OWCH !!!!
  17. Hey George You and ######'n are toooooooo much Love the build - Still followin' it
  18. Lot's of great choice's Looking forward to see which one you choose This plastic stuff is so much fun - Dave
  19. Hey '84vanagon Can't wait to see what you choose .Will it be the Cord or the Mercedes you mentioned in your other post? Ya, your right . It's always about the fun . I look forward to your project - Dave
  20. Well, here I am getting closer to putting this one to bed. Can't believe the way it turned out and how much I enjoyed doing this . Got most of the undercarriage done. I need to fabricate a drive shaft and do fuel, and brake lines still. Engine's mostly done. It just needs some final wiring. Photoetched electric fan is in and will get wired too. Got the front suspension from a '32 ford kit. Used the chrome dropped axle, shocks, tie-rod and wishbones. I think everything on the body itself is done. Interior is finished too. I would love to drive something like this. Just think how unusual
  21. I'm still laughing at your quote with the cat TOOOOOOOOOOO funny !!
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