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  1. On the 9th of Nov. at a Denny's Restaurant, in Clackamas Oregon, there will be a model contest, run by one of the SABA members. AT THE REQUEST OF BOB'S WIFE JAN, much of Bob's finished models and partially finished models, and just a ton of parts, will be put up for sale there. There will probably be at least 3 tables full of his things. You can buy one part, or if the price offered is right, the whole collection, but you will have to come to the location. FYI - This is not the dis-mantling of a very respected and loved member of our modeling communities life-long collection and passion.
  2. This is a very cool thread. I enjoyed reading all the responses here For me , same as a lot of you guy's, never really quit, but did slow down at times for all the same reasons most of you guy's did. Grew up in SoCal. Started building around 1949 or '50 on military, but when I saw my first 1 to 1 custom, that was it for me. Model cars only from then on. Most model car stuff then was 1/32 scale plastic or wood kits. Carve your own. By my teens, the 25th scale models were coming into existance, and I was doing customs, and the hobby shop owner, John Brunson, later to be the one who started a
  3. You do extremely nice work I checked out your website, and I think you should do a post on your scratch-built "KIDZILLA" pedal car. That is just so cool
  4. Last night was our monthly SABA model club meeting, of which Bob Paeth was a member and founder. It was a great evening of memories, wonderful stories and shared tears. His wife Jan was there with her daughter Wendy and son-in-law Jack. And they shared stories of wonderful personal family moments. The whole evening was mostly about celebrating Bob's life, as will be the memorial on Nov. 2nd. The time is yet to be announced. What's so cool is that Bob left so much for all of us to laugh about, remember, and to celebrate. Thanks BOB
  5. Hey Sulley I like the Merc. Love the POIPLE. Great color, stance, and everything man. Fantastic job - Dave
  6. Me too George Tijuana Taxi also. And the 2 Munsters kits, the Stogie and, and, and - Well you know . I feel like a kid in a candy store
  7. Sorry George I already got 5 kids and a dog,and they'all get most of ma stuff . 'Sides, I think yo wif mighten miss ya just a tad, an I gots' no rume fo her here seppin mebbe closern youd like - LOL Even the cat's gott hisn favor ite piced out See whats Ima meanin Gorge?
  8. Hi guy's I built this a few month's ago on "The Workbench" thread, but never posted it here as finished, after adding a few final things. I detailed the body and top with a lot of detail painting, detail work on the interior , the Chevy engine, and especially on the convert top, and the under-carriage, and late model drive-line. Lot's of taping over and over to get the trim right on the top. The snaps were 27 mini straight pins, and more on the body for side windows and various bolts. I tried to keep the body pretty much bone stock in appearance, but as a street rodder, couldnt resist the
  9. Gotta luv' ya George . You're right though, these new kit's are sooooo cooool, Thet're just screeeemin' ta be bilt. I like the way you look at life my friend, you need to move here to Oregon and I'll teach ya to "HUG TREE'S. THEY REALLY DO HUG BACK - HONEST - LOL
  10. Hi all Over the years, a lot of them, and because of my style of building, I limited myself to the type of kits I bought and worked on, probably like most of us. Then for some reason while recovering from hernia surgery recently, and being pretty limited for a while on activies, except EBAY - hee hee , I discovered that my tastes were broadening, and the Tom Daniel, Roth and Barris stuff started to look real appealing. In fact, over about 6 weeks I bought some of their older stuff and now with the Tiquana Taxi, Rommel's Rod, the Bathtub buggy and a few other must have's, that I wi
  11. All this is tooooo good to be true. My happy feet are dancin'
  12. So many wonderful people here, who knew Bob, have said so much about this humble giant of a man. For me, he was a friend, and I'd like to add a few words of praise. This last year Bob was there for me when I was struggling with post traumatic stress from childhood issues. I decided to step away from our club, SABA, for a year,and try to deal with life. I told Bob about it and he said "well that's fine, but your not stepping away from me. What can I do to help?", and indeed he was there for me often giving fatherly advise and being his jovial self at the same time. Something we all loved a
  13. Thank you deeply for your service and your sacrifice. I'm glad that model building is filling a special need in your life. We're all grateful to you. God Bless you - Dave
  14. Beautiful job . Don't see Indy cars here that often. Thanks for sharing. I hope to see more Indy cars here in the future, as it's a nice change of pace.
  15. I just finished reading all these posts, and laughed so hard at some, I had to wait to comment. Been 20 in my heart for a long time, even though I've been buildin' for 58 years. My dad got me started when he'd go to the hobby shop for H.O. stuff. I started with military, but soon discovered cars, as I grew up in SoCal, and that was the end of me. I was hooked for the rest of my life - model cars and real cars. Raised both my boys building model cars too. Sure was fun A grown man playing with toyz - YOU BET!! Keeps all those creative juices flowin'. Sometimes I get so excited abo
  16. Ya Harry - I was havin' withdrawls. Couldn't hug a tree or even get near one. I'm O.K. now. Hugged me a coupla' good one's
  17. Hey Wayne How are ya my friend? Thanks for posting the pictures. I made a glossy copy of the 2nd one with me next to Bob and him getting his KLINGON award at the last GSL. That year he and I drove home together, like you and he did a time or two before. I went to the hospital to see him early this morning. He woke up and smiled and waved, but his time is short. The nurse said if he stayed stable, he may be able to go home today and be with his family. A huge loss to the hobby, but a wonderful friend to all. Your truely one of the GREATS BOB. We love you and we'll miss you-
  18. Hey George Good to hear from ya . Hope all is good with you and yours. Never had surgery before, so this was a new experience. Thought I'd be up and off to the races in a couple of weeks - WRONG . But I was back driving in less than a week - OUCH !! Gettin' up in my 4x was a joke - shouda' seen me . Oh well. Doin great now. Got some fun projects to get back on and finish, as well as my new TOYZ. Thanks for sayin' hi - Dave
  19. Man, I feel for ya. I had an inguinal hernia fixed back in February of '02. It actually was the reason I got back into the hobby as an adult as I had some time off from work to recover and not a whole lot to do. Glad to hear you've recovered well.
  20. Hi all Got stupid some time ago moving machinery around. Had to go in and get some plastic mesh put in so my guts didn't fall out LOL Anyhow, feelin' great and got a few toys comin' in the mail from eBay, so I'm like TACO BELL - GOOD TO GO
  21. Sad news for all of us, and a shock when Jan called me. Bob and I have been friends for years, and belong to the same club. We only live a few miles apart, and just had breakfast together a week ago. What a joy to have known him all this time. I am going to the hospital in the morning to say good bye to my friend.
  22. Hey Zed Looks beautiful. I love everything. Guess that's why I "Sorta Cloned" your idea . Got all the trim on mine cut loose and chromed. Now ready to get back on the body work. The hood get's opened and there'll be a full engine and chassis. Thanks for approving of several of us using your "original design". Again very beautiful and love the stock version to see the original and compare the two. VERY COOL All the best - dave
  23. RETIRED - AND LOVIN' IT I'm enjoying the freedom that retirement brings. Alot of new things I want to do, and some I am already doing. I'm still very young and healthy. Now I'm not tied to a committment or routine. I've always had a passion for art and restoring things like cars, antique furniture, and restoring very old two story houses with character and personality. My artistic passion I now express in my model building. So much fun. In restoring, now I enjoy working with the poor and homeless, helping restore their lives, collecting food, clothing, bedding and mentoring at a local m
  24. Harry - I think you missed your calling :lol: My sides hurt so bad from laughing
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