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  1. Thanks Clay Good to hear from you. About another week, and I think I'll be there. I still have to do some foiling on the body, add all the chrome pieces like stock handle's etc., do plenty of engine and chassis work, and more interior stuff. The windshield get's some detailing too, and then tinted. So probably a week or so, then I get to figure out what's next . Always plenty of fun project's, just like with you . We love to build. All the best - Dave
  2. Hi Raul I will have to send away for them on that site you shared in your earlier post. Thanks for telling me about it - Dave
  3. Well, got a bit more done today. Just takin' my time - no hurry here. Sometimes I like to doddle . Kinda' in that layback lazy mood today Gettin' tha chassis and interior a little more done. Lotsa tapin and sprayin to get the three different colors properly laid down and workin' together. Got a lot more to do with the black for more contrast, and more Corvettishness ( That a word? - Guess it is now ). Got more stuff done under the hood too, so things are comin' together slowly. Later guy's - Dave
  4. Thanks Kevin I really appreciate your imput and your honesty. Best regards - Dave
  5. Hey Don Thanks for the compliments and also your suggestions that made all the difference. It's really rewarding to have other people be part of my projects, and as for me, it proves that were all better off universally, working together, and that sharing in each others work connects us all as the world grows smaller. I do better because of others. Pretty cool epiphany keep enjoying what you love my friend - Dave
  6. Lots of great idea's here Me? I just use a generic brand of bleach and works great for most everything I've stripped. No nasty fumes or being caustic, and it won't attack the plastic.
  7. I know this is off the subject a bit, and I'm invading your thread Bob, but Brendan, this is a beautiful build man .
  8. Hey Peter Thanks for the kudos man. I know what you and Kevin ( AKA Evilone) are sayin. This choice of wheels/tires is such a huge departure for me. I usually can't stand "white's and caps", but I really like this look - WEIRD If this were a 1 to 1, I'd have Coker's radial ply's on this, not the old style bias ply's. Coker's are known for good grip, corner handling and braking. Many of the late retro street rods and retro 50's/60's cars, you see in the mags, run his high end, high quality "skinny white's", even with the Big Blocks under the hood. (Just think of the smoke you could mak
  9. Thanks Raul I always liked the concept cars too. This is turning out to be more fun than I expected. I have a soon to be modified 'vert top that will show up later near the end, after I get everything else done. Gotta stay on track ya know . It really gives the car a different look. It'll be removeable, to see the difference. All the best - Dave
  10. Hi Bob Like most of us here, I have my favorite rattle can paints, and a system that works pretty good "most of the time" . Duplicolor, Tamiya and Plasticote are my favs from a can. For clearcoat, I have used Plasticote's #349 clear for 10 years with very dependable and beautiful results. Polishes to a stunning mirror finish. I have shot it over every brand of paint I use ( Sorry, but I don't use Krylon, as the three I mentioned don't have the issues I constantly hear about here on this forum with Krylon, although they cost more money, I only have to paint once and no do-overs. ). IMHO
  11. I almost wet myself, you guy's are so funny - Anyone got Depends
  12. Thank so much ricky12 Very kind words. I am very, very passionate about this hobby and the friends it brings into my life. There is always such joy when I look around my home at all I have been blessed with when it comes to this incredible hobby, that I am so blessed to be a part of, and when I enter my "Building Cave" that I mentioned, and the close friends I have, are just amazing. One of the best I just lost two weeks ago, BOB PAETH, will forever be in my heart, as someone I loved dearly. I hope to be around awhile too, thank you for believing in that, and hope to continue getting bett
  13. Well, here we go Quite a bit more done. Got the front and rear started, and chrome trim on one side done. Forgot to take a pic with the hood open . Oh well, I'll do it later. This is fun. Wasn't sure at first if I was going to like the wheel/tire choice after some assembly, but like it now . Guess that's enough for today. I'll save some for tomorrow . Nap time LOL
  14. Hi all Was spending some quiet time this morning praying and thanking God for this amazing hobby that I am so sold out to, and have been passionately dedicated to, in my own way, nearly my entire life now, like many of you other " OLDER GUY'S" here - LOL. (Notice I didn't say old ) For me, what a blessing, especially now at my age, to still feel so young and excited about something I love so much, and to have such incredible friends, for me, makes life the absolute best. I'm still blown away by the quality of people who call me "friend", because I know I don't deserve them, but a
  15. Hey buddy How are ya? Bob says I have one of those rare gems, ya see on the end of ANTIQUES ROAD SHOW .Not as rare as I wondered, but definitely a builder. So, one of these days when no body expects it........... See ya'll - Dave
  16. Thanks Bernard Bob (AKA - ZOOM ZOOM) helped a bunch - it's safe to build
  17. Thanks Bob I had no ides what I had or what to do with it, so I sure do appreciate your help , and all the info about what's available out there. I love the body style of the Cheetah, and hope to build this one day soon. All the best - Dave
  18. Hi all I thought maybe some of you would enjoy this I bought this 4 or 5 years ago at least, on eBay. One of my first purchases. I think I paid around $35 plus shipping. I wanted the body, so didn't ever pay much attention to the other stuff. I've only had it out a couple of times and love to just look at it. The body from Mini-Exotics is just beautiful and feels just like styrene, although it's resin. I actually didn't know what I had here until a few minutes ago, when I started reading the article that was included. Never really looked at anything, up until now, except the body.
  19. Was there in 2007 and had a blast Steve Hinson was terrific. We'll see about 2009. GSL is around a month or so later, and may have to choose. $$$$$$$$ - LOL I forgot to include this photo yesterday of these parts. Everything is done except the white interior parts that are prepped in white primer. For small parts I like to use a micro drill bit, .020", from a set I have , and then use round tooth pics inserted in the hole, and then pressed into the floral foam blocks that I cut down to size. Very nice for handling. I wear latex gloves so I don't look like a walking neon sign Hope
  20. Hey Raul This truck build is the coolest. I mean it . It's starting out looking like a 50's/60's Barris custom, like in the old Rod and Custom magazine. You've got the eye and the touch to create some amazing art pieces. Great to see this kind of talent here. Hope to see these in the mags at a future date - Hint, hint gregg!!!! Keep up the great work - Dave
  21. More fun I got the paint rubbed out and a little detailing done on the chassis and interior tub. The next thing is to paint the windshield frame and cowl semi-gloss black, and then do all the interior and chassis detailing. Lot's of masking and spraying on the interior. Love this stuff Adios - Dave
  22. 60 fords are one of my favorites too . Nice start on the engine. Car memories from the past are really cool. I built a model of my first car, just a few month's ago, and love to sit and just look at it. All the best - The Treehugger
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