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  1. I agree with John, don't expect a completely new pickup kit, we need to use our imagination and skills to make up for the short comings. The 1:1 '67-'72 2wd chassis is almost identical to the 1:1 '63-'66 2WD chassis. Revell does the '65 pickup in 1/25 with a separate front and rear suspension, so, Bingo, we can use the '65 chassis. AMT does a 4WD Blazer- Jimmy in 1/25, it also has a separate frame with the same 4WD system used in pickups. It is a matter of kit bashing and frame lengthening for now to get these kits closer to what we want them to be.
  2. Nice work, like the period wheels on this classic west coast Mack. Ready to pull some double flats!
  3. I'd rather see the standard hubcaps in the box. But nothing new, big plastic had a history of giving us " full wheel covers " for the " stock " version. Glad I purchased an extra set a accurately done hubcaps from Rookie Resin!
  4. One final detail, hood handles added. Both hood handles and latches donated from the Autocar kit.
  5. It's great that we're all excited about a 50 year old truck hitting the shelves again! My signature is holding true, "old trucks are the future"
  6. The classic Jimmy and trailer combo look great, perfect match! The boxy looking cabovers of the 60's have a unique look, this build inspired me to tackle one soon.
  7. Great job on this hauler! Everything looks clean and level. Especially like the engine and firewall details.
  8. Just found a super impressive 1/15 scale WC 22. Hopefully we get a good quality resin in 1/25 soon!Fumby Street Motors 1957 White WC-22 Stake Truck 1:15 MIB Ltd Edition All Green | eBay
  9. Thanks for the comments, went for the deluxe "California Hauler" look for '62. Couple of more shots with and without sleeper.
  10. The pride and joy of Red Ball Transportation, a '62 Pete 351. Has a Mercury sleeper, chrome sun visor, spot lights, road lamps, chrome air tanks, chrome deck plates, chrome fifth wheel and bumper. A lot more chrome than I'm used to using, but I think its appropriate on this one. 351 hood conversion from AITM, aluminum front wheels from Keystone, and tires from Double Take.
  11. Thanks for all the comments. It was a fun build, I look forward to seeing other mini pumper being created, just about any 1/25 pickup cab should work.
  12. Beautiful build! A piece of art! There is so much to see and appreciate in every shot.
  13. Fantastic job on this '69 Ranger Bill! You once again captured the period look, tu tone paint, aluminum slot wheels, glass packs and very popular aftermarket goodies used in the 70's. Really like the grill detail work and factory stance and ride height, just the way it should be!
  14. Thankyou Mobius for doing these long ignored subjects, was expecting these decades ago.' Would have liked them better if the side moldings were left off!
  15. There is obviously a demand for these items, the problem is we don't have another quality company like Modelhaus to fill the void.
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